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Thursday, December 14, 2006

C-Dog's podsafe Bean

(Thanks to Sin for the album art!)

Direct Link Here

Oops...played the wrong into....

Brian Boothby
is super happy

Disgruntled caller

WWIII/Joan Opener

Damn...it's only Bob today

Breaking Bean News

Slimeball has a cold

Heartwarming Christmas Music - "I'm Your Snowman" - Joel Kopischke

Zilla's Freaky ID

Interview with Christiaan "C-Dog" Huygens of the Saturncast

He's big on Saturn

Smack talking drug induced wives

It's a Yeast thing

Watches and wikis

Press releases and angles

Shame on you

Heart warming christmas music

Mr. Sensitivity

Sex, lies and wedding video?

SecondLife divided by three?

Jesus never masturbated

Masturbation times three!

Real money for fake computer money

How Rebecca feels about C-Dog

Podsafe Music? "Poison" - Lockdown

Podsafe music and The Freak Network

A song for Jenny

Extra music on Pizzababe.com

Call in your Bean sightings to 206-338-4ASS

Goodnight Podland!!!!!!!!

Brian Boothby is super sad

Bob's TFN ID


Blogger BrianBoothby said...

Oh Pizzababe. You should not listen to that Christiaan Huygens character on the computer. His show is like super boring and is whole lot of nothing but nonsense.

I would rather go the the Center that I live and work at's "smoking is bad and will kill you" held every third Saturday -- which is super lame -- then listen to that show.

You should listen to the Madge Weinstein. Madge is smart. Madge Weinstein knows a thing or two about what you need to know.

Your show is ok. I listen all the time when I have run out of all my favorite shows to listen to.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Bean said...

Bob? . . . Pizza Babe? . . . Where am I? . . . What is that New Jersey smell? . . . Where are you Bob? . . . Help!?!?!? . . .

11:36 AM  

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