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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Freak Network and it's freaks....PizzaBabe112

Direct link to show

Intro from Brian Boothby and Bob doing a bad impersonation of someone that isn't Jenny.

Welcome to our "Computer Audio Program" #112

Busted pipe or pimping...you decide

The show ahead....

...starts with music, Fallopian with "Sex with a Tree"

The Freak Network ID by Zilla

Mark checks in with his "whore"able weekend

Listener Calls from 1-206-338-4ASS

Listeners visiting us in SL

Our new resident...Laura

New music from Black Lab..."Lonely Boy"

LouLou Lolly from SL

Canuck?? Cracker?? or is Bob just a crackhead??

Rich Desoto with "I'm in a love with an avatar" is Jenny's new favorite song

Zilla pimps The Freak Network on the Ongline Podcast

Bringing the 'freaks' together...

An outpouring of freak love...

Marti's podcasting 101

Jenny and Bob take time out of their busy day to spread the freak love

Give us some time...and more importantly a hand...

Jenny prepares for her first business meeting

Bob bores us with stats

Thanks to everyone.....

Goodnight Podland...xoxoxo

Brian Boothby is filled with super sadness...


Blogger Tigger said...


PizzaBabe, I loved Sex With A Tree!!! Reminded me of L7 and The Waitresses all in one.

The Last Audio Caller...Why did I think of the scene where the dead grandpa sucks the blood from the screaming girl in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Original version...of course.

"Series of tubes on the internets" ...Marty, that was hilarious! Thank you for all your hard work for The Freak Network. I'm glad PizzaBabe let us, the listeners know how hard you have worked, girl!

PizzaBabe? Bob? Why do you think you can never be on iTunes? Curious.

As far as the RSS feed catcher, I just want to know how often the aggregator pulls XML feeds? Is it done automatically or are you guys doing it manually?

Emma sounds so cute! PizzaBabe...when are you going to give me my "juicebox"?

Tigger + ZillaFag = ZillaTig

Congratulations on your new business endeavor, PizzaBabe and Bob. I hope you get that sponsor.

Brian Boothby rocks.

Hey, where's Jake?


2:41 AM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

We have submitted ourselves and had Libsyn submit us numerous times with no luck. We also contacted itunes..no go. I, in my thinker head, assume theres a good reason my karma isnt there and is going somewhere else :)!The aggregator pulled feeds once an hour when it worked properly..now we do it manually until we try this new one Marti found. Thanks for the love Tigger and I actually have some Jake coming!

8:14 AM  
Blogger Zillafag said...

I am gonna go have Sex With a Tree!!
Hey I guess good can come out of a fuck up.
Hell this is all a learning experience and I am sure I will fuck up again!
A sponser..freak out!

kisses all....motha fuckas!

1:40 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

You didnt fuk up Zilla..you inspired as always! And yes..we all must now fuk trees!!!!!LMAO!


3:18 PM  

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