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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

11/06/06 The Shackles....Unite

It was a wonderful event..that none of you have to miss! We have audio of us during the ceremony coming soon! (Pics Too!)

Special thanks to:

Maid Of Honor: Marie B

Best Man: Billy Hicks

All the attendees..including Zilla, Lynette Radio , The Diva, Mini Master, Telc, Tara, Love, Gideon, Edred, SarahLynn, Laura, Harley, Kimmy and whomever Im forgeting..sorry! Its late..off to bed! Tigger..I thought of you on the train..I was missing my Big Bear Daddy to give me away xoxoxo! Marti...your whore ass was pming me as I said I do..Hahaha! Sin..thank you for all your art work! Mark...I got naked and thought firefighter..lol!



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