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Monday, October 23, 2006

Seduce Me Bitch! PizzaBabe107

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

Intro from Dick

Art by Sin


Seduction vs Go Fuck Yourself!

Bob gives thanks....even to Dick

No love for Podshow...

Bowling Ball Love...Go Listen!

Its my job to cum...THATS IT

Whatever Christiaan....

Enobi with Fever

My love for Rebecca...the first seduction..

Cock talk VS Dick talk...

Billy Hicks Does Second Life! (Niceey Nice Intro Marie!)

PSA from Marie !

Is Bob a good cyberer? (He is better than a 2!)

A Song

Sin Love!

No cock love...I better work it!


Just some thoughts and ideas...you got any?

Whats Erotic?


It takes at least two to make it work...

Try things...Sl??...The internet offers alot...

Cyber Love? Is it real?

Physical touch...a necessary thing...you dont have to be perfect!

Visit The Forums!

Be in the right mood! Dont give up!!!

Dont be Fabio be YOU!

Super 8 Cum Shot with You Make Me Wanna Cum

Please Change All Links To PizzaBabe.com!

Ok..sorry Christiaan

Voice Mail!!! Call 1-206-338-4277 (4ass)

Go seduce Fred Shackle in SL or Bob in real life...

Crap...TALK BOB!

Visit www.thefreaknetwork.com !


Blogger Tigger said...

And today's podcast was brought to YOU!....by, Pamprin.......One Day Every Day :)

PizzaBabe...you were a little feisty tonight. I guess you have been seeing a lot of red lately. OMG!!!! NICKY!!! I had a full PURPLE RAIN moment! That movie was soOOOOOO bad. Morris Day? Prince trying to act butch? Yah, uh huh, it was a really was a film about Prince's life. Yah, right. But unfortunately, there was a lot of things that were bad about the 1980's, and scared many people. The big hair, the florescent colors splashed in every club, the crimped hair?.....very scary decade......the only good thing about the 1980's was New Wave.

Sin...you were even getting me going with the naughty talking. Ouch!

I just don't understand this Second Life thing Pizza and Bob? You guys are becoming like the Star Trek geeks. I must admit, I do love Star Trek. Maybe this Second LIfe thingy is software created by the Borg, slowing assimilating Second Lifers into virtual reality. It's like Hollow Addiction. But, whatever gets somebody off, more power to them. Everyone needs to have some hobby or interest in their life just for the pure enjoyment of it.

Bob, Mass Media CONTROLS many aspects of our society seen and unseen by the general public. It helped elect this golem of a President that has brought nothing but WAR and FEAR into the World.

(exiting soapbox now...)

Pizza, as always...great show. Bob, I feel for you, bud.

Thank you for my "Purple Rain" moment, Pizza. I'm all a glow with with 1980's-ness.

XXXOOO Tigz .:. Your Big Bear Daddy

3:22 AM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Hi Tigger babe. Sorry guys..I am an ass in this show. Im still working through some shit..hopefully it will all get better sooner rather then later. I also love me some cheesy 80's music Tigger...and anyway I can fit it in Im gonna try to!! BTW..anyone following my menstrual cycle..it was actually last week I got it. LOL xoxoox


2:10 PM  
Blogger Tigger said...

I will mark my calendar.

2:45 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...


4:05 PM  
Anonymous ekaj said...

mark the calender??? hell she flows like fukking niagra, she marked every aisle in walmart hahaha not to mention the carpark, people thought it was no parking zone by the time she reacher her car :P

11:10 AM  

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