Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Trippy Monday...PizzaBabe109

Blogger is acting up dammit...hope this works..cant attach a pic :(!

Direct Link To Mp3

Show Notes:

Super Intro with many whores in it and Bro Lo

Issues..as always!

Welcome to mass cuntfusion

Who hates Bob today?

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob makes a funny...

Check out The Post Modern Sex Geek Halloween Cast!

Marti Sabotage...


DJ Tripp with something

Bob kills...

Big HUGE Announcements... Welcome Saturncast and Fat Tranny Circus

The Shackles are gonna get hitched..please join us Monday Nov 6th at 8pm pacific(sl time)

OOoooo A Good Idea! Bob is full of em tonight!!

Billy Hicks with Cock Talk! (Great Job Billy!!!)

OOOO Something for Tigger!!!

Another Tripp Moment In Time... (that is the podcast link!)

Listener Line@! 1-206-338-4ass(4277)!
-Marie B
-Special Delivery Mark
-CC Chapman
-Special Delivery Mark ...again..hehehehe

Bob is such a giving man...he is starting our holiday charity drive with a new concept! Please give because folks...Sharing is Caring!

The Final Tripp of the night ...

Next PizzaBabe will be a political event. Listen to Richards latest with Cindy!

Please keep calling the listener line!!



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Friday, October 27, 2006

Making Some Circles On PizzaBabe 108

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

Dick Intro

Connecting the dots....

Dealing with shit

Ok...lets bring in Bob! We're BACKKKKKK!

We can be 80 for Tigger....

Love=Action with Lost In You

Candle wax and a thinker?

Speaking of Phil....


YAY Shiney New Computer!!!!!

Yay New WebCam!

Tranny Wreck Raw with Marti! Dace and Andy Melton were on board...

Bob and Rebecca bonding... Rebecca... GO FUCK YOURSELF! xoxo Jen

Marti folds... TP WHERE ARE YOU???

Dick Goes Insane

Love The Dick...

Zilla take it out on my ass PLEASE!

Love=Action with Heaven Tonight

How Bob and I make up...

The Whore Auction!

2 Whores at once..YAY!

Billy is the best whore getter...

My ticker tape parade...Christiaan

Phone Line Love!!! YAY SIN!!! 206-338-4277
-Wild Man Rod!
-Some Hot Guy!
I added a recording to the voice mail finally..

Go visit my friends in Yahoo Married But Looking Room 5...ask for SWT!

Warm Bodies with With You

Rebeccas Suggestions...New Memembers? Or wannabes???

Goodnight Podland xoxoox

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Doing these on the new comp! No pics on it yet sorry :(!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Seduce Me Bitch! PizzaBabe107

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

Intro from Dick

Art by Sin


Seduction vs Go Fuck Yourself!

Bob gives thanks....even to Dick

No love for Podshow...

Bowling Ball Love...Go Listen!

Its my job to cum...THATS IT

Whatever Christiaan....

Enobi with Fever

My love for Rebecca...the first seduction..

Cock talk VS Dick talk...

Billy Hicks Does Second Life! (Niceey Nice Intro Marie!)

PSA from Marie !

Is Bob a good cyberer? (He is better than a 2!)

A Song

Sin Love!

No cock love...I better work it!


Just some thoughts and ideas...you got any?

Whats Erotic?


It takes at least two to make it work...

Try things...Sl??...The internet offers alot...

Cyber Love? Is it real?

Physical touch...a necessary thing...you dont have to be perfect!

Visit The Forums!

Be in the right mood! Dont give up!!!

Dont be Fabio be YOU!

Super 8 Cum Shot with You Make Me Wanna Cum

Please Change All Links To PizzaBabe.com!

Ok..sorry Christiaan

Voice Mail!!! Call 1-206-338-4277 (4ass)

Go seduce Fred Shackle in SL or Bob in real life...

Crap...TALK BOB!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

PizzaBabe's Birthday Bash Pizzababe106

Direct Link to Show

Thanks to Sin for the album art!

Show Notes:

(Blame the echoes on Bob...he thought he was in Yankee Stadium)

WW III/Roger Smalls Opener

Buttons and Piss

Mark goes to the firehouse

Micheal Butler from The Rock and Roll Geek

Podsafe Music - "Superstar"- American Heartbreak

Big Phil checks in with his parade of love

Secret recordings from Holland with Jakiepooooooo

Sin gets Dr. Dick's help to bring some greetings from Married But Looking:5

Some quickies

Rebecca Nay loses her memory

Melissa and John from Lazy Radio

(Once again...blame Bob for all the technical fuckups)

Just how old is she.....

Zilla gets all jazzy

TP sings his love to Jenny

Butt licking time

Marie B from the Post Modern Sex Geek professes her love of Pizza

Big Bear Daddy Tigger

Expo???.... Love???.....it must be time for Larry!

Brother Love's kisses

Podsafe Music - "Summertime" - Brother Love

Hookin Up: Brolo Style

Pizza's bossom buddy - Julian

Idiots Tory and Melissa down under with woots for Pizza

More Australian love from Jess and Mini Master!

(and yes...more echo from Bob...ffs, you would think he would not fuck everything up!)


Bob lies again...

Madge sends a message from her death bed

Cheryl the cow

Podsafe Music - "Birthday" - Jessy Moss

Call our listener line (206) 338-4ASS

Our first callers?!?!?!

Rin Vincible and Dawn Micelli

When Rin comes to town....

Pizza's plugs

Check out the Saturncast

Goodnight Podland!

Monday, October 16, 2006

PizzaBabe 105

(Mark and Tigger at the Podshow Pool Party at Expo..ty Sin!)

Direct Link to MP3

Not the ordinary show....

Billy Hicks
Jakiee Poo!
Brian Boothby
DJ Tripp

Thanks for listening.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Piss Poor PODCast PizzaBabe 104

Direct Link To MP3

(thanks for the art Sin!)

Show Notes:

Intro From Madge and Roger Smalls

Food Borne Illness...yuck!

The new Additions to www.thefreaknetwork.com !!!

Share your wives with me....JENNY that is!

Cuntgrates Big Perv!

No more sharing...fuk it... JENNY IS GREEDY..GREEDY IS JENNY

Rebecca love

All music on the Podsafe Music Network

Banner job Podshow...no worries..I do no wrong either!

Black Lab with WithOut You

Check out the videos from Zilla and Tory

MY Special Delivery Mark comes through again!!!

Dave Garner feature coming soon!

We need contest ideas...we have swag dammit!!

Bob is a rude fuk again...

Who Bob hates this week.....

Alex and Dean!!

Check out Satyrcast and Asscast

Dave Garner with The High

Lyn tries to jump in...

add us in skype...pizzababe or sybrrgeek( not yourownpersonalgeek!)

The qpodder event..

Bob makes me deadpan

The Joel Lightman Band with These Feelings

Sorry this podcast blew...

Get on the forums!!!

Goodnight Podland xoxo

Friday, October 06, 2006

Spank My Ass At Expo Baby! PizzaBabe 103

Lynette Radio, DJ AJ, Julien and Bob at Expo 2006

How Jakiee Poo likes to think of me!!

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

Intro from Dr Dick and Bro Lo

The love begins....not!

Dick thinks Im a bitch

Podshow Pool Party Luck?

Cali was hot....

Hindsight...hmmmm Hi to new buddies!

Jakiee Poo and Muslem love!

Bobs sex slave....

WTF Poor Jessique and Marie....Wow Lynnie!

Cheryl Mercowwwwski was right...

Dona Oxford with He's My Baby

Tory from Idiot Box Radio

Ok...here goes the other side of the trip...enjoy!

Dona Oxford with Sweet Memories

The reality of it all...

Yay I got interviewed...watch HERE for more!(next week sometime)

I adore my sidekick ...

Goodnight Podland xoxoox

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Monday, October 02, 2006

PME 2006 Whores, BlueBalls And No Dick! PizzaBabe102

Direct Link To MP3

Picture of Zilla, PizzaBabe and Mark

Show Notes:

Intro from Zilla and Bob

Ok...Heres the show. Name whores will have to listen and the rest I hope just enjoy! This podcast has more to do with the people and parties we attended..the more personal stuff will come thursday!

Sophia Ramos with Say You Will

Matthew Ebel with All I Want Is You

Audio love from Jakiee Poo, Zilla and Special Delivery Mark

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