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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 Love Me Daddy! PB98

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

A moment in rememberance with Douglas Spotted Eagle

Brother Love Intro

Hey Bawb... go fuck yourself!

Jakiee Poo!!

Go check out Democracy Now

Bobs friend.. John Chipura

Dont bash America...VOTE!

FUCK itunes!

We love our 10 listeners...Madge is our HUGE listener

Sinzzzzzzzz Review!!!! Soul Fetish! Oh and Sin...Cum

Soul Fetish with Fire In The Wind

Our suggestions... try Podsafe Music Network

I pimp Bawb

Marpesia are you going to expo?

Brother Love At Arlenes September 13 (new Bro Lo in the backround!!)

Show notes Whores..no names dammit!

I love Rebecca

Shiney Windows...Bawb sucks!

Expo moment Madge and In and Out Burger...Julienne loved it! Or CC?

Tom Robinson with War Baby (as heard on Big Phils Love Parade!)

Tranny Wreck crack whore

Im humble as fuk

The Moving Wall

Sinz in Da Lab ...still..anyone have the keys?

One Week Countdown....till episode 100!!

No Lump moment :(

I show the love with an emory board..

Goodnight Podland xxoxoxo


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