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Monday, August 21, 2006

Submit To Me You Lazy Cunt! PB93

Direct Link To Mp3

Show Notes:

Opener..Basically the Sirius Podshow People One and Brother Love

Guess my mood today...

Bob takes over...Take note of all the echoing now...lmao poor Bob..but doesnt he sound good?

Thank you to Billy from last week xoxooxo

I did Madges show and got some love...

Dammit no window licker

Munk with I Am- Mollys Theme (from Shadow Falls)

Yuzzy Love..visit his site!!!

Big Boy Gone...

Im friendly to Bob..a lot

Thank you Lover Lovers for all responses


Sin...Sin...More Sin...Can you guess what Sin says?

Theres no love like Lizard love!


Marie are you hot?

Shit...now can You Guess What Sin Says???

Alice FUKKING Cooper!!!! with No More Mr Nice Guy

Bob not so nice guy...

Im sooooo fukking Submissive! EAT IT!

Dont fuk with Lickers hair!! She has a sword....

Another Jenny journey...hop on for the ride...

A shocker...

WTF is Submission...being submissive..WTF am I..who the hell is Bawb?

Open your eyes ....

Dom/Sub talk...yes I capitalized the S...shit..BEAT ME BAWB!

Please pay us to podcast pizzababe@gmail.com

Rules...Fuk that! Damn Haters!!

What Submission means to me....

Dom/Sub myths

There are a bazillion types of relationships!

Safe SANE Consensual

Sophia Ramos with Love Me Tonight

FRED DJ's! Join the Shackles tomorrow night 7-9sl time!

Expo flashback with Dave and Marty from LibSyn

Thursday night at expo nudie bar night!!(sept 28th)

Goodnight Podland! xoxo


Blogger Yuzzy said...

That was a great show honn guys...

1:10 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Thanks Yuzzy!!!

3:46 PM  

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