Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Bawb! PB96

Direct Link To Mp3

Show Notes:


Opener from Pete and Renee and Brother Love

A show filled with love for Bawb!

Awwww...too cute moment!

Bob is much taller than Pete..and...and...

Lee Rocker with Rockin Harder


YAY spankings!

Sin showing the love!


Jessique and......Dammit Mark!

Grandpa fetish?

Ripped with Show Me (Loving Ripped Go to CD Baby and get you some!)


Jakiee Poooooooooo (grr sorry its so low guys!)

Lynnie lyrics for Bawb!

Omg Marieeee...Hawt!

Ummm Mark...hahaha...

Craymo with Happy Birthday

My promise....

xoxoxo Podland

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Push Your Cock Deeper In My Throat!! PB95

Direct link to this show

Intro from Big Phil and BroLo

Party assholes, cows and mf'ers

Yes, you too can have Fred!

Manwhores are us

Jenny gets hit on by the Diva

New programming idea...

Take the podcasters bowling...

Marks blue balls....err pills

Jenny math

Our new tennant

Homeless in SL

If you are cool, call Pete and Renee...

...if you are a jackass call Madge

Illinois cows

She ain't coming for the pork roll...

Tranny Wreck rocks

"Jenny" by The Tones

Dom...sub....make up your damn mind...

I touch myself...

....but don't pick out the music

Bob Love

Is he Fred or is he Bob...or Bawb....or Master....or...

Craigslist update from Mark

Jenny sucks cock

"Waiting For The Night" by Ripped

kick ass

A show without Bob?!?!?!

Bob's birthday show audio

Is TP a man

Push it real good....

Pushing eachothers buttons and limits

Tasks and missions and boobies

Skype issues

The fear of rejection

...more Illinois bovines

Making me happy....

....the evil circle

Being yourself

Emotional pain

The bigger picture

The positive circle

Confessions of an English Gentleman is in a scary place...Jenny's head

The next steps....how to push it even more

Jenny touches herself...and isn't so worried about the music anymore

"Remember: Sir Alex Kemp Mix" by Black Lab

It's Lump season!

Jenny's breaking balls again

How much further can we go...

...purple dog bowls

No Expo moment today...come back next time...maybe...if she remembers

The next show?

Goodnight Podland...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There's A Buzz In My Cunt! PB94

Direct Link To MP3

Show Notes:

Intro from Madge Cuntstain and The Mercowski Band

Cheryls prolapse gets run over by a rascal

Madge thinks she is an asshole

Please contact Madge at bloatedlesbian@gmail.com about expo plans!

We have an intervention and help Jessique!

Hi TrannyWreck! And please pee for us!

A plea from Sin...Heres the web site to help Miggs! SHOW SIN SOME LOVE!

Miggs with Maybe

Bob is there something wrong with my ass?

Bobs Bday is cumming soon..send me audio love to play at pizzababe@gmail.com

Chickens up the ass?

We here from where Jakie Poo has been!!!!!!

Tigger beware...

Natalie Brown with You Make Me Feel (Naked pics Natalie...)

I explain alot...about Bob getting some...

THE TOY STORE..YAY!!! Bob cock cakes!

The tornado is cumming and so am I

Topic..How to be sneaky when you need some...

Tell us how your sneaky!

Thunder is cumming now too..Yikes!

Charles Simmons with Tell Me What You Want

Wanna hear something....Hehehe..Cunt feedback blows...

xoxoxox Podland

Monday, August 21, 2006

Submit To Me You Lazy Cunt! PB93

Direct Link To Mp3

Show Notes:

Opener..Basically the Sirius Podshow People One and Brother Love

Guess my mood today...

Bob takes over...Take note of all the echoing now...lmao poor Bob..but doesnt he sound good?

Thank you to Billy from last week xoxooxo

I did Madges show and got some love...

Dammit no window licker

Munk with I Am- Mollys Theme (from Shadow Falls)

Yuzzy Love..visit his site!!!

Big Boy Gone...

Im friendly to Bob..a lot

Thank you Lover Lovers for all responses


Sin...Sin...More Sin...Can you guess what Sin says?

Theres no love like Lizard love!


Marie are you hot?

Shit...now can You Guess What Sin Says???

Alice FUKKING Cooper!!!! with No More Mr Nice Guy

Bob not so nice guy...

Im sooooo fukking Submissive! EAT IT!

Dont fuk with Lickers hair!! She has a sword....

Another Jenny journey...hop on for the ride...

A shocker...

WTF is Submission...being submissive..WTF am I..who the hell is Bawb?

Open your eyes ....

Dom/Sub talk...yes I capitalized the S...shit..BEAT ME BAWB!

Please pay us to podcast pizzababe@gmail.com

Rules...Fuk that! Damn Haters!!

What Submission means to me....

Dom/Sub myths

There are a bazillion types of relationships!

Safe SANE Consensual

Sophia Ramos with Love Me Tonight

FRED DJ's! Join the Shackles tomorrow night 7-9sl time!

Expo flashback with Dave and Marty from LibSyn

Thursday night at expo nudie bar night!!(sept 28th)

Goodnight Podland! xoxo

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Take A Risk And Piss On Me! PB92

Direct link to show MP3

Intro from Second Life's own Billy Hicks

Live! From the Hell House!

A new addition to the PizzaBabe household...

Pizza's new pussy

PizzaBabe's Pissing Contest - This week featuring Zilla

Jake thinks world violence is all due to the pissing contest

Bawb looks for more beer.....err water to drink

Marie B checks in with an audio love letter

Mailllll time....from Wiggle's land (Thanks for the CD's Dave!)

Lyn's Mix Tape

Dave Garner with "If You Let Me Stay"

News from Holland

Saying goodbye to a family member

Some old school PizzaBabe music

It's all about taking risks...

...it may not be for everyone

Bob knew an Ordinary Average Guy once...

Pizza dreams of one true love...

...and shares a moment with Tigger

Then we talk about all the risk takers who we love

...especially Jenny

Sieve with "Don't Regret"

Love for Richard Bluestein

I still love Jenny...even if she makes me blubber

Pizza the people pleaser

Sometimes you hurt people

Hurting is not for everyone

Stepping outside the boundaries

You can ever learn from dumbasses

Back to Pizza's One Love theory...

....and Bob's ideas of love

What does it all mean

The sky is falling!

....yes I am the dom...not her!!!

Time to open up folks...

...before you miss out on it all

Show em some Sin love!

The Clintons with "Come With Me"

Countdown to the Expo with some Kickass people

Take a risk!

Don't be afraid to let us know you listen!...Yes we mean YOU!

Bob still didn't drink enough water

Goodnight Lynnie

Goodnight Podland!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Piss Off Bawb! PB91

(Artwork from Sin...thank you baby!)

Direct Link To Show MP3

Show Notes:

Intro from Zilla

Bawbs an asshole...in case your wondering

YAY Toilet humor night!

Jenny shares morning noon or night..

Panic At The Disco with The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

YUZZY! Go check out Yuzzys Weekend Dance Floor!

Sin helps me alot.... Fuk Phil!!!

Taking applications for Bawbs job!!!

Mark loves me...he loves me and just wants to fuk Bawb

Lmaooooo I love you so much Mark!

TP!!! TP says "No to Dingle Berries"!

Im masturbating while doing these show notes...just so you know.

Marie B where are youuuuuuuuuu?


Johnny Magnet with The Second Biggest Dick

I sucked a small cock...its true

Second Life Whore House Bitches!

Expo Countdown....Who is going?

Expo Flashback with Dawn and Rin (I wasnt sober)

Poor Madge

Man Bites God with Trailer Park

Me, Bawb and all our kids named Oliver

Bawb tries to kiss ass

Welcome Home Jessique

Listen to Jake and send him a gift...

Goodnight Podland xoxoxo

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jake's Adventures In The Wild Part II

Looks like Jake still hasn't found the same 'bears' that Tigger likes! What will happen this time?

More PizzBabe goodness coming later this week...

Seeee ya!

Direct Download Here

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Judgemental Cocks Suck! PB90

An image from Bob and Jennys new Love Shack in SL!

Direct Link to the MP3

Show Notes:

Intro From Roger Smalls

90...wow...100 wow...lotsa nice numbers

Asshole moment

Music.Podshow.Com rocks

Blackalicious with Powers

Douche Bag talk....

Fucking Madge stop your damn whining

Special request for Mark!

Jakie Poo in trouble?!!? Tigger he needs your help!!!

Marie...heres a psa topic for ya!

Sin... gagging on cock?

I need TP!!!

SL and our new house...the nudie bars!!! Lesbian love...nice! Lotsa erections.. Hi Billy (Bob misses you).. Box Gone...Lateris Scleris .. Club Sparkle.. (RL moment..i get out) The Wet Kitty Pub was a beautiful naked lesbian topless place of love! Lyn the licker...Bobs big weinie..stop tracking me fred ya fuk!

Twise with The Party Joint


Brit and Adam...sexy people..JUDEGMENTAL fuks..real life vs fantasy

What is podshow+? HELLO DOUCHE BAGS!

Big Brother talk..damn Janelle..wOOt wOOt Dr Will!

Countdown to Expo...Yay Zilla!!! Marks event..hehehehe!

James Brown with Gut Bucket (Thanks Canis from BandTrax )

Parents...Dont forget the music!!!!

Night Podland xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jakes Homeeeeeeeeeee! #4

Jake is back from his holiday and has plenty of new adventures to share with us! Listen for Jake also on the next episode of PizzaBabe coming soon! Oh my Jake..such a big stick you have in this pic :)!