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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whores Like Nipple Torture on PB82

Show Notes:

Show opener from Roger Smalls and Brother Love

Word association YAY!

Bob bashing..


Paramore with Pressure

Second life stuff...Bob is bitchy..Sex mansion...Jess...Heaven...Fuk world..find Fred and Jenny Shackle!

Welcome to Marks World...listen in folks!! Please go visit his podcast also!

Thank You Roger! Thank you Madge...whore...!

Brett Dennen with Aint No Reason

Fred and Jenny get Shackled together..

Brother Love Promo! Go see him and tell him PizzaBabe sent ya!

*New Segment* Freak University!! Nipple Torture! F U!
Nipple Clamps, Clothes Pins, Chip Clips, Binding(ropes,duct tape,electric tape), Wax, Flogger, Crop, Hand, Ice, Be safe!!, Biting, Stretching,Fork, RubberBands, Milking them, Nipple Suction

Sin reviews Ampsex!!

The Avids with Only You

Shout Outs!

Bob goes solo!!

Goodnight Podland from the Playas xoxox!


Blogger Tigger said...

Pizza...I have to agree with Bob, I have been completely overdosed with the Brother Love. Will "Summertime" ever end?

What about body piercing?

I used to love to stick various gauges of piercing needles into gay guy's....nipples, cocks, ball sacks, lips, tongues, various limbs, necks, septum, etc... I would usually go very slow, to keep the pain as long as possible. And if the guys cried or squealed to much....I usually would jab a needle into an arm or leg to shut him up. I also liked seeing the blood.

Teeth are good, but can cause bad infections if the skin is broken.


5:19 PM  
Anonymous SpecialDelivery Mark said...

OK, I'm ready and open to answer questions from Bob. The answer to the first one is NO...I did not date Mark Furmener. The Cop I dated and loved was an Internal Fraud Investigator...a Cop who investigates other Cops. The Nipple torture you requested is Easy and Safe....how do ppl code these things....Gay Bears have a code...anyhow, here's my Nipple Torture (Beginner Advice)...Rub your Nipples with IceCubes until they feel numb..then expose those nipples to warm water...they will feel like they are on fire...completely safe, but it feels dangerous. I want you pervs to feel a sensation that you enjoy. I love watching you enjoy this.

9:56 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Well...I would be willing to consider and use any other opener submitted to PizzaBabe! Feel free...have Jake sing my ding a ling for all I care..lmfao! Was the piercing stuff from your club days Tigger?
Mark my love muffin..I loveeee the pizza graphic you sent hun ...thank you! I also cant wait to hear the rest of the story!!!!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

omg , how did u know i have just released my version of my din-a-ling?? its not due in the shops for 3 weeks :P was not yesterday the first day of summer?? or a fox re-run from last years summer love?? omg we have a bloody stallone sequel or is it a horror movie?? .. i know what u did last summer love 1 to 5, pmsl, sons of brother love , rocky brother love 5, rambo love 6, dath summertime l and his battle star love heheheh oh well back to me meds hahaahaha

3:11 PM  
Blogger Post-Modern Sex Geek said...

Hey Pizza Babe! I must say that our meeting in SL today was rather fortuitous. I listened to the most recent cast today while driving to work and laughed the entire time. I can't wait to listen to the rest and I would so love to Skype a podcast with you one of these days...if we could manage to say anything around the laughing. Love ya Babe! See ya in world.

8:08 PM  

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