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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spank My LOVEly Ass Please! PB84

Show Notes:

Intro from ZillaFag and Brother Love

So..Yes..Im a fuk up!

Sorry...No Post Modern Sex Geek now..maybe a threesome?

Love the Podsafe Music Network

Go England....damn soccer..

Nu Breed with Fantasy

Secunt Life

Shout outs to Zilla and Tigger

OMG visit Mark!

Sending Sin some love!

Whats you Kink with Jessique (email her! jessique.pizzababe@gmail.com)

Charles Simmons with State of Mind

What the hell is going on with PizzaBabe....and Bob

Who is Bob...

The love story unfolds...

The nervous laugh appears...

Feelings...woah woah woah feelingsssssssssssss

Honesty isnt always easy...


It aint easy being me

Why we did it...

Your always welcome here...we only bite when asked :)

At 12:01....

Scott Wilder with You Said Yes (Opps I never even said the title in the show!)

Love is always worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox podland


Anonymous Jessique said...

Loved the show, I was sitting in the park at sunset (on the swings... wheee!) when I was listening to it, and that song you played for Bob almost made me cry.


5:27 AM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Im glad you enjoyed Jess..I know this was very personal folks..I promised Bob enough sappy stuff after this one :P !

10:27 AM  

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