Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spank My LOVEly Ass Please! PB84

Show Notes:

Intro from ZillaFag and Brother Love

So..Yes..Im a fuk up!

Sorry...No Post Modern Sex Geek now..maybe a threesome?

Love the Podsafe Music Network

Go England....damn soccer..

Nu Breed with Fantasy

Secunt Life

Shout outs to Zilla and Tigger

OMG visit Mark!

Sending Sin some love!

Whats you Kink with Jessique (email her! jessique.pizzababe@gmail.com)

Charles Simmons with State of Mind

What the hell is going on with PizzaBabe....and Bob

Who is Bob...

The love story unfolds...

The nervous laugh appears...

Feelings...woah woah woah feelingsssssssssssss

Honesty isnt always easy...


It aint easy being me

Why we did it...

Your always welcome here...we only bite when asked :)

At 12:01....

Scott Wilder with You Said Yes (Opps I never even said the title in the show!)

Love is always worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox podland

Friday, June 23, 2006

For the Playas

Super intro with BroLo

No Pizza this time....

Playas before the podcast!?!

Less Than Jake
with My Very Own Flag

Jake's Boys Night

Guess the Playa

What's Your Kink #2

Do you think Jess likes biting?

Note to Mini Master

Number One Fan with The Prettiest Sin

It ain't easy without my baby

New friends in SL

Promo for Marie

Fall Out Boy with Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Goodnight Podland...

...and a surprise?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whores Like Nipple Torture on PB82

Show Notes:

Show opener from Roger Smalls and Brother Love

Word association YAY!

Bob bashing..


Paramore with Pressure

Second life stuff...Bob is bitchy..Sex mansion...Jess...Heaven...Fuk world..find Fred and Jenny Shackle!

Welcome to Marks World...listen in folks!! Please go visit his podcast also!

Thank You Roger! Thank you Madge...whore...!

Brett Dennen with Aint No Reason

Fred and Jenny get Shackled together..

Brother Love Promo! Go see him and tell him PizzaBabe sent ya!

*New Segment* Freak University!! Nipple Torture! F U!
Nipple Clamps, Clothes Pins, Chip Clips, Binding(ropes,duct tape,electric tape), Wax, Flogger, Crop, Hand, Ice, Be safe!!, Biting, Stretching,Fork, RubberBands, Milking them, Nipple Suction

Sin reviews Ampsex!!

The Avids with Only You

Shout Outs!

Bob goes solo!!

Goodnight Podland from the Playas xoxox!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Showering The Playas With Golden Love! PB81

Show Notes:

Intro from Cheryl and Bro Lo

Piss on Me!

Brother Love in New York June 27th!

Go check out ZillaFag! Also check out iam.willingwarrior.org!

Sin found us...

Black Lab with Ecstacy

All music from music.podshow.com

NEW Jakieee Poooooo..he visits AussieLand!

Jessique hits Second Life!! With her Pimp Fred...

Whats Your Kink with Jessique!!!! Email her at Jessique.PizzaBabe@gmail.com!

Hellstomper with Liqoured up and Nasty!

Happy thoughts of Illinois..

Lets talk about Pissing on people....Yes..Im going to piss on everyone!

Get some Dick at the Expo?

Bob kills time while Jenny fukking fumbles

Join the PizzaBabe playas in Second Life (Fred or Jenny Shackle)

Everyone please pee on Jake...Jenny pee's on..well...the list is long.

I dont want to be a podfader...

The Week In Porn with....Special Delivery Mark visits Jenny!


Lynn Julian with Get The Picture

I do smoke much crack...

Nipple fetish...nice

xoxoxo bye podland

* I cant seem to really get links to work...will try adding tomorrow...sorry!

**Artwork by Jessique!

Friday, June 09, 2006

PizzaBabe Does Sirius !!! PB80

Hey guys...guess what? Heres the Sirius show!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is being played monday on Adam Currys Podshow Sirius channel 102 in Madge Weinsteins spot!!! No notes for this one...sorry! Some people involved in it are Jake, Sin, Brother Love, DJ Tripp, Marpesia and of coarse the sexy Bob! It was recorded at a higher bit rate so sorry the file looks soooo big! It was alot of fun and Im hoping we get to do it again!!!!!

Stay tuned next week for a new segment from Jessique and Special Delivery Mark...also all the rest of our rockin PLAYAS!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sluts On Poles Rock! PB79

Show Notes:

Super Intro with Bro Lo

The trip...

A call to all the playas for help with the opener! Also upcoming guests!

Testosterone with Come On England (For Jakieeeee!)

Strip Clubs, babbling...something Im sure..

Jakie Poooooo (find him on flickr!)

Love=Action with Pretty Young Girl (For Jessique)(MEOW)

Serious babble about the trip..how lucky I am

This Week In Porn with Jessique and Pizza

The Joel Lightman Band with These Feelings

A special shoutout to Sin