Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Whore's Love The Shame Game PB 78

Show Notes:

Super Intro featuring Brother Love

All Music From The PodSafe Music Network

The Joel Lightman Band with Take Me Home

This Week In Porn with ZillaFag !!!!

THE Geoff Smith with No More Summertime Blues

Shame..Humiliation (Check out this blog!! Confessions of an English Gentleman!)

AMPSEX with Crazy Bitch

Goodnight Podland xoxoxo

Friday, May 26, 2006

There's No Shame To This Game PB77

Show Notes:

Super Mega Intro with Bro Lo

Second Life stuff

Lala Land...

Oh yeah...we got some exciting news...from Madge

Tony Brown with Real Love

Bro Lo promo..Mmm he is at the PussyCat Lounge!

We talk about something Im sure

Charles Simmons with State Of Mind

Jakieeee Poo Save Me! (Part 2 Of the Attack of the PODDIES)

no shame tonight folks

Enobi with Fever

Goodnight PodLand xoxox

Monday, May 22, 2006

Whore's Playas and Collars Oh My! PB76

Show Notes:

Super Intro

Its Playas Night!

All Music From The Podsafe Music Network

Twise with The Party Joint

Sins Review of Rumours Magazine

Jakie Poo!

This Week In Porn with Bob and Jessique

Charles Simmons with Tell Me What You Want

A Jake Outro!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Anal-Versary! PB75

(Thank you for the HAWT album art Sin!)

Show Notes:

Super Mega Awesome Opener featuring Brother Love

Bob sings...


Yes..I have 1.5 million listeners!

Fuk Bob?

xoxox thank you Playas..We love ya!

Bob will take a fake blonde!


Manda and the Marbles with Say Anything

What all started this... Dawn and Drew ... Madge

Its fun

Yeah...we hold back! Until Jake makes us money!

I want Playboy ! (and blondes for Bob)

Music in podcasting ..mashups...PMN .. PureCast Media ... Garage Band


Bob saves and beats my butt!

Always need more R&B!


Ekkk throat farts!

Theres no love like Sin love!

Deal or no Deal..

Natalie Brown with Let The Candle Burn

Why did we start this?

Love to the Geeks!

I need a boner!


Its all about "its ok to be a freak"


Sharing with Bob IS caring...the Whore

From the archeives of PizzaBabe...Heres the Flogger Segment!

Skype came a long way...

Mmmm together

Love to Sin..Big Phil..Tigger..Zilla...Jake..Jessique..the bands..Brother Love...CC..everyone who has helped and joined in..Madge...Cheryl...Cameo..Tony..Mister E...DR..Soccergirl..P Dilly

But...cuz there is always a but...Bob..Thank you xoxox

Seave with Dont Regret

Goodnight Podland xoxox

Monday, May 15, 2006

Spank My Cunt Bitch! PB 74

Show Notes:

Super Intro Featuring Da Playas and Brother love

What?? NO BOB? WTF...hehehe

Who was that couple?

Im a Winnerrrrrrrrrrr! Wehawww!

Marpesia with Come On

Check out Marpesia's podcast!!!

I wanna be naughty...

Jakie Pooo!! (go to PizzaBabe's personal Frappr)

Speaking of horny...wheres Sin...

SINNNNNNNNNNNNN reviews Managing The Gray podcast with CC Chapman!

Hitchhiker with Summer Feeling
(from the Podsafe Music Network)


Mike and Michelle Go check out there site for more audio!! And more yummy blogging!!! xoxox Thanks M n M! *wet*

My thoughts on Poly and BDSM lifestyles... Safe Sane Cuntsentual ..online vs RL..Use Your Damn Head! ...SAFE WORDS!

OOOoooOOOo One of my fantasies!

A naughty song..

A note for You!

*PS Porn Review Thursday! (Jessique and Bob!!)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

PizzaBabe N Porn to Go

Show Notes:

The Big Intro

Who is Pizza with?


Bob loses all his toys

Pizza sees cock on SL

Artificial Intelligence in Texas with Time Remembers

Bob forgets about Mothers Day.....

Brunch is a ripoff

Pizza does Porkroll

This Week in Porn with the PizzaBabe Playas

Pizza and Jessique talk about MyFreePaySite.com

Phil's wedding podcast

Ampsex with Porno Movie-Piano Version

Pizza and Bob can't make porno

Sinz nasty story

Jake doesn't do Thursdays

Rate us on Yahoo

Jakes Second Life rant

Upcoming shows

Pizza tries to walk over Bob

Send us your porn star friends!

....Bob didn't forget Mother's Day

Kevin Reeves with Mother

Pizza is a mutha...but Bob loves her anyway....

Nite podland....xoxox

Monday, May 08, 2006

Full Of Sin And Brother Love PB72

(Image courtesy of thoughtoutbiz's Flickr)

Show Notes:

The Big Intro

Pissy Pizza..

Lotsa love in this show..

All Music Can Be Found At Brotherloverocks.com or CDBaby!

Bro Lo With There She Goes

Sinz is Back!

More Jessique coming soon!

Jake will return thursday!

Bro Lo with Pushhhhhhhhhh!

The Big Interview! Check out his site! His Podcast! A New York Minute Show! Buy the music folks!!! xoxoox

My all time favorite Bro Lo SUMMERTIME! Sing it with me!!!

A goodbye from Sin!!! Mmmmmm

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crack Whore Sex On Second Life PB71

Show Notes:

The Massive Intro..with everyone and Brother Love!

Show some damn love Bob!

Im a worthless crack whore on second life ... and so is Pete!

I like talking about Bobs...

Frozen Popsicle Tampons with My Balls

Vote for Podcast Pickle at the Webby Awards!

The new addiction... Second Life ! Fukking, S&M toys, cocks, flying, I have issues, chics rock, sucked in by Adam Curry, weed, hashbrownies, Tim the chicken man, Oblivion, nlinus, Bobs a jack ass!, Pete and Bob sex, Renee's big arrival!, Bobs an ass again, Bobs huge cock, cyber fukking, Jenny Shackle!


The Tigger offer!

Jakie Poo explains Phils Carrot love!!

BIG PHIL YOU FUK! hahahaha

Your Secret Identity with You Wanted Love So Bad

SIN!!! xoxox to Lil D

Soccergirl love..kinda

An Interview with Jessique! We love them Aussies!

We love 19 y/o hotties!

Zilla makes the show..lmao.

Shout Outs...Mmm upcumming events! Balls..Bob love and we are out?

Dave Garner with The High

SL Speak! xoxoxo Podland!

Monday, May 01, 2006

PizzaBabe VidCast #1 ..featuring Jessique!

PizzaBabe.com is proud to present you with that something special we promised last week! The beautiful Jessique has supplied us with the first vidcast for PizzaBabe.com! YAY!!! We are so happy Jessique decided to share her first video with us! Sit back and enjoy this now and hear an interview from Jessique on the podcast later this week!!

*Does a happy dance* Thank you Jessique!! xoxoxoxo

** Special thanks to Brother Love and the inspiration from Soccergirl!

***This video is best viewed in quicktime/itunes. If you have a problem leave a comment and we will try to help you out!