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Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Phils Perv Parade and Carrot Anal Sex PB66

Show Notes:

Intro from Big Phil and Brother Love with Bob

Hello special guest.... Big Phil!

Anal sex cures it all...


All Music From The Podcast Music Network

Im so not cool...fuk

Brother Love with Summertime (BUY ALBUM OF YEAR!)

Its all about me...

Phil gives...maybe...lmao..spooning...peta lay off me..pig fukker

Carrot Love!!!!

Jakie Poo sends his love to Phil...

Ok...back to Phil's kinks..,swinging...Ok PizzaBabe takes over and gives Phil some wise advice. *Soy Candles By Phoebes* ... SoccerGirl

Vintage Sin!!!

Ok...time for the carrot insertion..the tease...an inch...shove that bitch in!


I go over well with convicts...SWEET!

Showercast? Phils a bastard...

Shoutouts... Special Delivery Mark... Andy and Bob ... Eyes Of Submission
Tom from Deep Fab ...love to Zilla and Tigger

Get your contest entries in!!

Critical Mass with Here Comes Summer

Lumps corner!

(Sorry audio is a lil fukked..Bob left me on my own! Hahaha)


Blogger Tigger said...

Hey guys...great show tonight.

Big Phil...sounds like a very interesting guy. I have never heard a straight man claim to like anal penetration. Seems like such a heterosexual guy taboo subject. Very interesting conversation.

Honestly, I started to eat some carrot cake before listened to your podcast. Very surreal.

I didn't finish my piece of cake for reasons you probably can understand.

Was it a baby carrot, Phil?

Sin is the fairy queen of the woods. Bark = Itchy Twat? Vintage Sin...it's such a trip.


5:05 AM  
Anonymous The Dick said...

try living with her .......

10:05 PM  
Blogger Sinz Chart said...


10:06 PM  

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