Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whore Pain ... The Good Vs. Bad #70

Show Notes:

New Intro!! CC Chapman .... Dave from Libsyn ... P Dilly .... Jessique ... Brother Love and Bob! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you BOB!!!

Im such a techie! (NOT)

Woohoo next week is gonna be a good one....

Word Association...


All music from the Podsafe Music Network ... PDN? Maybe?

Dave Garner with Never Sleep Alone

Where is everyone? Jessique...Phil.....more vintage Sin... Bob and Jenny are moving to a cave!

But we have Jakeeeeeeeeee...who meets the Croc Man~!

Blog News... Straight from Yahoo 360! Tony (ass virgin) ...Blog of the Day is Mel!...Dont forget its ORAL WEEK!!... Special Delivery Mark is a winner.. Sail...Bicycle Mark...Danni B hang in there...Does my Flickr show up?

The Clintons with Come With Me

Ok...Time to get down and dirty with PAIN!

Shout Outs... Yahoo Podcast Page ... Podcast Pickle

Mission 5 with Summertime

A couple questions for you all....

Monday, April 24, 2006

PizzaBabe Goes Bi (Lingual) #69

Show Notes:

Intro from Jessique and Brother Love with Bob

Ok..Special show folks!!! Much love to all the listeners xoxox!
Through out the show we share answers given by the listeners and Bob and I. We also hear from some of our favorite music.. including Brother Love.. DJ Tripp and Jose Nunez. This is a do not miss episode folks! We hear from Jakiee Poo...Vintage clips of Sin..Tigger...Zilla...and even DJ Tripp! It even gets hot an heavy somewhere in there :)!!! We are still accepting answers to the questions from show 68 and will share more in the next podcast!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whores Who Fist and 69...PizzaBabe68

Show Notes:

Intro from Madge Cuntstein and Brother Love with Bob

Hi Bob... Its all your fault ..thank you

69 is cumming up!!

I was a Club/Breakin queen

Sin IS ALIVE!!! Find Sin Here

Marpesia with PIMPETTE ! (this WILL be stuck in your head!!)

I love DORKS!

Welcome back everyone!! Hi Jess...wheres Roger Smalls ?


Poor Zilla....I will help ya baby!

TWISE with Think Twise !

Go love Sin please

Show 69...Heres where we need you...And the questions are:

1) Which Podcaster would you most like to fuk?
2) What is the pervist podcast you listen to?
3) Which podcaster/s would you most like to bitch slap?
4) Which podcaster would most improve there looks by dressing in drag?
5) Who is the best podcasting sidekick? (SIN)
6) What is your favorite group/artist/DJ who has been on this podcast?

Thank you everyone for your input!!! XOXOXOXOX (pizzababe@gmail.com)

Fukkin Bob needs an email addy

Nickname contest ends at show 69..get your final enteries in!

White on bread? WTF Bob lmao...

Rap Contest entry... Big Phil with PizzaBabe Does Podland! (TY PHIL!!)


Love to the Playas!

Marpesia with Double Fisted

Visit Cheryl Merkowski

I miss Madge

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sex Lust American Style With Passion PB67

Show Notes:

Intro from Cheryl Mercowski and Brother Love with Bob

Some Bullshit...Where's Sin Now?

Special Delivery Mark ...Fisting answer! You ROCK!

More bitching!

All music from The Podsafe Music Network

Dave Garner with Nothing But Nicotine

More about Dave...

Bob makes a connection..he is the man!

Link Whore...Tag Whore..

Hot Wax Talk!!! Errr maybe not so much!

Bob looses it

Immigration..Illegal ? What matters...really! More labels... What works. Human beings...not a color..religion...not who you fall in love with...the bigger picture.

Wheres my place in this world? Be A Voice...Everyone! Dont give up!!

Bobs world....Madges world...My world..

TIGGERRRRRRRRRR! (sorry I sang Tigger..lmao)

Nickname talk...the entries so far! Cum target pillow on the line! pizzababe@gmail.com

More Special Delivery Nasty Mark!!!

Go check out Sinzzzzzzzzzz !!

Shout outs... Dave... Bruceeeeeeee ... CC Chapman... Mark.. Tigger.. Sin... Zilla...Mg...Butt Butt...Cameooooooooo

Dave Garner with If You Let Me Stay

I will let you stay hun....

Bye Podland!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Phils Perv Parade and Carrot Anal Sex PB66

Show Notes:

Intro from Big Phil and Brother Love with Bob

Hello special guest.... Big Phil!

Anal sex cures it all...


All Music From The Podcast Music Network

Im so not cool...fuk

Brother Love with Summertime (BUY ALBUM OF YEAR!)

Its all about me...

Phil gives...maybe...lmao..spooning...peta lay off me..pig fukker

Carrot Love!!!!

Jakie Poo sends his love to Phil...

Ok...back to Phil's kinks..,swinging...Ok PizzaBabe takes over and gives Phil some wise advice. *Soy Candles By Phoebes* ... SoccerGirl

Vintage Sin!!!

Ok...time for the carrot insertion..the tease...an inch...shove that bitch in!


I go over well with convicts...SWEET!

Showercast? Phils a bastard...

Shoutouts... Special Delivery Mark... Andy and Bob ... Eyes Of Submission
Tom from Deep Fab ...love to Zilla and Tigger

Get your contest entries in!!

Critical Mass with Here Comes Summer

Lumps corner!

(Sorry audio is a lil fukked..Bob left me on my own! Hahaha)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Whore Slut Easy Sex Anal Love Fisting 65

Show Notes:

Intro from Cheryl Mercowski and Bro Lo and Bob

PizzaBabe breaks down

My savior?

Mean old retarded bastard prick pig fukker...


Luciar with Pretty Girls, Pretty Boys

Lump music...Go Badgers!...Train

Mississippi really blows chunks! WTF People vote ffs! Outlawing Sex Toys!!?? Fat people...cheap smokes...no sex without marriage...no arrousal in public! OMG!!! Texas beware!!

Charles Tanton with I Am Here

Pig fukking...

Pork rolls... New Jersey highways ... Fear of Death...Overcharge the Wi chic!...
Woohooo a full fisitng!!... Atlantic City (spending his money) ...The Shore.. The Jewish Deli ...

He needs help...nicknames..NO princess, pumpkin, angel ...win a cum target pillow!!!! Send entries to pizzababe@gmail.com (no pizzablubbercunt..thats someone elses term of affection for me..AHEM)

Dicky Do...Ha!

Shout outs... Jakiee Poo...Sin does it all...Tigger love (thanks for everything you have done for us *kiss*).. Zillaaaaaaaaa...Next week THE PERV PARADE comes to town!

Adrienne Pierce with Falling Asleep

Lmao...you can tell he is back!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PizzaBabe Does Jersey! 64

Show Notes:

Intro from Zilla and Brother Love with Bob


All music from the Podsafe Music Network

77 South with A Country Song ( for Butt Butt)

I aim to please....or be pleased!

And the trip starts...FFS lost again!!

Jakie Poo...Zilla love and Rainbow ummm yeah..lol (Hahaha wtf is that song at the end???)

Dave Garner with Who's Your Lover Now?

The trip...No NYC...but...(ffs I forgot to say I finally had a PORK ROLL!! woohoo) well..listen in!

Crops and Floggers..Oh MY!

Any toy ideas?? Send ideas to pizzababe@gmail.com

I almost died folks...


Matthew Ebel with I Know Your There

PS..A Lump Update!