Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sinfully Delicious

Intro from Tony and Brolo with Bob

Fukking issuessssssssssss

Oh hi Sin!!

Paging Dr Dick!!

All Music From Music.Podshow.Com

Collin Raye...All I Can Do Is Love You (aspirionrecords.com)

Bill Loves Me

Reagan is killing me


Jakieeeeee Poooooo..and Arnie?

360 with Love(www.lostpants.com/360)

Sinz a Whore

Upcoming weeks..Tigger...Andy!

Forums!! Check the Forums...Vote for Sin!!

PizzaBabe@gmail.com or Sinzcharts@gmail.com

Big Mike...Extra Super Action Show!


Sinz Podsafe Music Review!!!!(coming soon)

Sin at Walmart...more ummm stories..lol


Welcome to the worst podcast ever!

Adrina Thorpe ...Did You Think (www.adrinathorpe.com)

Just for you...

Paging Mr Dick!


Blogger Sinz Chart said...

Attention PodPhreaks....

I am sorry if I offend any special phreaks.... I take full responsibility... btw.. No animals where harmed during this PodCast....

Thank You for Your time...

11:08 PM  
Blogger Zillafag said...

Sin...by the way i voted "Sin Rawks" on the forums.
You were great!
And I know it is going to be Brother Love for the first interview thingy and look forward to your questions.

kiss kiss

9:47 PM  
Blogger Sinz Chart said...

*evil Grin*

Dont hold Ya breathe there Zilla


11:40 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

Hey PizzaBabe!
Thanks for playing our song 'Love' from my group 360 on the PMN. Keep up the raunchy nasty whore stuff and completely creative swearing!

1:38 AM  

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