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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pizza Blubbercunt 54

Intro from Cheryl and Brolo with Bob

Zilla? Oh Bawbbbbbbbb!

Wooohoo Verbal Humiliation!

I like Boobies!


Josh Woodward....Talk About Your Feelings (joshwoodward.com) Lotsa good music at his site!

Ekkkkk Im in trouble!

Onwards with Verbal Humiliation! The do's and dont's

Love=Action ... The Jealous Room (myspace.com/loveisaction)

Verbal Threats...woohoooo!

The Forum Talk...Are Anniversaries Important To You? Thanks for all the responses!
Go to the link on the right for rainbowpodsquad forums to see the next topic!Answer the new Poll!!

Sin loves Zilla more than Bob

Tiggerrrrrrrrrrrrr does a review!!! Check it out!! He reviews Andy and Bobs World at andy-bob.blogspot.com! (in one take with Sin love)

Tig...you got the job!(umm if you want it!)http://homepage.mac.com/tigger_g/MyWebsite/

Love for Cuntstein! Oink!

Hi Pete n Renee! Shhhh

Bye Podland xoxox

Led Man ...I Love The Ways We Fall Apart (ledmanmusic.com)

Im a moooo cow!!


Blogger Sinz Chart said...

Hey... why do I feel as if I am the butt of all jokes?!?!

Sin gets educated!

Who likes verbal humilation?

How do You find the comfort zone is in a relationship of verbal humilation? Is there a time limit or is it based on trust? Is a key point to verbal humilation or BDSM is the afterwards spending time?

GO TIGGER! *claps* great job Tigger!! Tigger done a wonderful job.. wonders if Tigger gonna take over PodPhreaks Review...**Grins**


Later PodPhreaks!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Zillafag said...

I thought ...oh hell Pizza is playing my voice again.
Bob gets possesed by Zillafag!
Love ya guys

8:27 PM  
Blogger Tigger said...

Good show today, especially the music. I agree, song number one had a great early 80's feel to it.

Well, Pizza I would love to do a weekly review for the PizzaBabe Goes Global Podcast.

When are we going to do our Gizmo show?

Come on girl, I got the Gizmers...name the date.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

wow pizza getting more guests then bloody jay leno hahahahaha

3:07 AM  

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