Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sinfully Delicious

Intro from Tony and Brolo with Bob

Fukking issuessssssssssss

Oh hi Sin!!

Paging Dr Dick!!

All Music From Music.Podshow.Com

Collin Raye...All I Can Do Is Love You (aspirionrecords.com)

Bill Loves Me

Reagan is killing me


Jakieeeeee Poooooo..and Arnie?

360 with Love(www.lostpants.com/360)

Sinz a Whore

Upcoming weeks..Tigger...Andy!

Forums!! Check the Forums...Vote for Sin!!

PizzaBabe@gmail.com or Sinzcharts@gmail.com

Big Mike...Extra Super Action Show!


Sinz Podsafe Music Review!!!!(coming soon)

Sin at Walmart...more ummm stories..lol


Welcome to the worst podcast ever!

Adrina Thorpe ...Did You Think (www.adrinathorpe.com)

Just for you...

Paging Mr Dick!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pizza Blubbercunt 54

Intro from Cheryl and Brolo with Bob

Zilla? Oh Bawbbbbbbbb!

Wooohoo Verbal Humiliation!

I like Boobies!


Josh Woodward....Talk About Your Feelings (joshwoodward.com) Lotsa good music at his site!

Ekkkkk Im in trouble!

Onwards with Verbal Humiliation! The do's and dont's

Love=Action ... The Jealous Room (myspace.com/loveisaction)

Verbal Threats...woohoooo!

The Forum Talk...Are Anniversaries Important To You? Thanks for all the responses!
Go to the link on the right for rainbowpodsquad forums to see the next topic!Answer the new Poll!!

Sin loves Zilla more than Bob

Tiggerrrrrrrrrrrrr does a review!!! Check it out!! He reviews Andy and Bobs World at andy-bob.blogspot.com! (in one take with Sin love)

Tig...you got the job!(umm if you want it!)http://homepage.mac.com/tigger_g/MyWebsite/

Love for Cuntstein! Oink!

Hi Pete n Renee! Shhhh

Bye Podland xoxox

Led Man ...I Love The Ways We Fall Apart (ledmanmusic.com)

Im a moooo cow!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Zillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! PizzaBabe 53

Intro from Farmer ZillaFag (zillafag.com) and BroLo and Bob!!

Recording with Gizmo...ekkkkk!

How I met Zilla

A lil shadiness from Zillas past...SWEET!!

All Day All Podsafe!!! All music from the Podsafe Music Network... music.podshow.com

.22 (Zillas favorite band in the whole entire world)...Fuck No Techno! (.22.com)

Hehe Tigger...I love ya!

Mother Fuckkers!!

Pee Hole Love..

Jakie Poo calls America...and a cute Jake story...hehehehe

Chronos with Cold As Ice (Club Mix)

No FISTING Tigger!

Where did Zilla come from?

Brother Love...Soccer Girl....Dr Tweeker..AJ...Veva Da Whore...More Tigger...OMG MOON GIRL!!! RIN!!! We need Foodie Love!! Podcast Expo..Fun to cum!

Zilla Da Geek...We Love Bob

Check out ZillaFag.com

Brother Love...Push!

Im a whore...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cum Target Pillows!! Sweet!!!

Ok..these pictures kinda blow...but I wanted to give you an idea...they are fukkin adorable!!! I would guess they are 8 inches by 6 inches...Plenty of target space haha! Contact me at pizzababe@gmail.com if your interested. 7 bucks plus shipping(which is cheap) is da price...what a fukkin gift idea!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Romance Aint Dead Yet....Pizzababe52

Show Notes:

Intro from Big Phil(bigphil.libsyn.com) and Brother Love (brotherloverocks.com) and Bob!

PS...I would love some more intro's from listeners!! All it requires is the 18 y/o warning and plug yourself...not just podcasters...for everyone!! Be a ho!!

Hi whore Bob

Im driving tonight..all fuk ups are my fault!


Much love to Richard and Juan and the familys....

and the show goes on!! Lesson learned!!

Bad bad pizza!!

A song kinda sorta...:) shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bob hellooooooooo we are togetherrrrrrrrr

Meta crap...always Bobs fault!

CUM TARGET PILLOWS...OMG!! Cameo rocks!! Info to come on how to get your own!

But dont forget Soy Candles by Phebes!!!!!

Its my world...ahahahaha

Oh MYYYYY Jakes 13!! minutes of fun!!! xoxoxo

Shit ECHO!!! Errr Im fixing it!! Meta shit!! Fixing levels!!

Pleaseeeeeeee check out rainbowpodsquad.com forums!!--->links there!! Questions up!!
Ty Zilla!

Topic today...Your First Experience With Sex! Dr Tweeker..Zilla...Pizza...Lump...Bob
(I did fuk up and forget it but the audio is after the last song!)


Next Questions is....."Are Anniversaries Special To You (any anniversary)"

Fuk Im Horny...but...

A big shout out to Sin...Good Luck Baby!! I love you!!!
Tigger remind me to remind you..lol!

Another song...

But the podcast really isnt done yet!

Cum Target Pillows!!

Love to Tigger..Thank you for the Valentines Day Art baby!!

Audio from the UK Bob about the topic of the day...HOT!! Dont Miss!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

PizzaBabe51...The Rant?

Show notes:

Intro from Madge (yeastradio.com) and Brother Love (brotherloverocks.com)

I cant find words for this one...


Seave with Dont Regret

Tender Forever with Marry Me

Tender Forever with Then If Im Weird I Want To Share (takemybreathaway.net)


Monday, February 06, 2006

The Big 5-Oh!

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and the newwwwwwww and improved Bob intro!!

Who was the newbie?

A big thanks to Bob

And from the very first show....What a Whore!!

The new intro!!! My favorite song of all time...
BROTHER LOVE with Summertime!!
Find him at brotherloverocks.com and buy his cd Album of the Year!!!!

The first few episodes...May 19th begins the adventure!

Technical issues? Ehh sounds good to me!!

The naughty music I played..haha!

Woohoo she has a feed!!

Early on...there was Caleb...Pure cast Media....Love my LibSyn!...Mashups...Wax Floggers Clothes Pins Oh My!...Dirty Rascal...Tony(Woohoo)...Oopsy...Mister E...DJ Tripp (He Soooo Rocked)...The 360 crew...THE TRAIN... The Revolution! ...Lump...Katrina...Numb Nutz..Attack Of The Geek..Boodrow Control..Her Suziness...Naughty Pizzaaaaaaaaaa...and now (drum role)

The SIN! How I met her...Sinz Thoughts...Sinz Art..Commenting..and then the Review!

Big Phil!!! bigphil.libsyn.com

Cruisebox with On A Podcast!

Roger!!! rogersmalls.blogspot.com with The Daily Smalls Code

Sweetness Follows...no-undies.net


Minx and Graydancer (Polyamory Weekly and The Rope Weekly)


The Podcast Expo did so much for me...Madge (xoxox Gussie)...a note from Madge..Soccergirl...PodcastPickle(ty Gary)...Bedcast...Adams ass...more Madge love...and now its time for

Zilla and Tigger..YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

Hahahah a message from Sin!

Jake...Thank you so much!


AJ thank youuuuuuuuuu!

Go check out everyone at RainbowPodsquad.com and sign up for the GIANT feed

Cherylllllllllllll! Nasty cowwwwwww I love ya!

Bob...no...thank you hun...without you there was no podcast!


Bye Podland xoxox

Enobi with Fever

Hey Yo!

Hope you all love the new diggs! A big thanks to Zilla and AJ for hooking a girl up! You see a bunch of new buttons to the right...push em and have fun..haha! I will explain more in the podcast folks. You now have the option to subscribe to only my feed or you can sign up for the rainbow podsquad and get all ours feeds in one! Sorry the Menstrual posted three times..Zilla smokes crack...err or licks crack..hahah! I hope you enjoy the menstrual monday ...the big 50 is coming tonight if blogger allows it..hahaha!

HTR Show-073-Menstrual Mondays w/ AJ, Zilla & Pizzababe

Menstrual Mondays w/ AJ & Zillafag and Special Guest Host-Pizzababe
AJ & Zilla order a Pizza: Not Just any Pizza..but a PIZZABABE! Pizzababe is our special Guest Host Tonight, Pizzababe is now on The Rainbow Podsquad Network,Gay Bashers, Potatoes & Pork-AJ Rants About "Alice Shoop", Cartoons, Fisting,Tigger,World War III

Subscribe to RPS

rainbowpsbadge copy-1

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Suck Ass Show...PizzaBabe49

(Bob? Hehehe Thank You Tigger!)

Show Notes:

Cheryl and Bob intro

Tigger message hehe

Hi Bob..

We are a bunch of fuk ups!


Jack and the Pulpit with Extraordinary Girl (jackinthepulpit.com)

Woohoo Madge! Check out the new videocast at YeastRadio.com and go daddyyyyyy!

Message from Jake for Tigger

We fuk up left and right

Jake is a smart ass!

10 Shot with Kinky Girlfriend (myspace.com/10shot)

We blab about nothing...Bobs a GEEK! Watch Tigger get hard!

Sinz Review of Pillow Talk With AJ at RainbowPodsquad.com!!

Blah Blah.. and the blonde joke is here http://www.nickstarr.com/2006/01/02/great-blonde-joke/

Brother Love with Here She Goes Again (brotherloverocks.com)--->linked there too!

a lil extra...

(We had a few issues with this podcast..lmao. All will be fixed for 50!)