Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Sex Sex and More Sex....PizzaBabe45


Show Notes:

Intro from Cheryl Merkowski and Bob (Find more of Cheryl at YeastRadio.com or LuckyBitchRadio.com)

Im fickle...whatever

Sorry...delay on the Bobcast

Much love to my listeners!!!

All the music from the Podsafe Music Network!!

CC..We need a fuk music category!!

Reason Disappears...I Wonder (reasondisappears.com)

Send in your music...my space


Jake and the spermtroopers return!

Reason Disappears...Statuette

Tigger...Zilla....Me...Bob Talk

Mike and Michelle from ...Sweetness Follows (no-undies.net)Omg there are so fukkin cute and hottttttt!!

Im a puddle

Sins Review....greatsexgames.com/podcast (btw...no more happy pills for Sin)

Wrap up... pizzababe@gmail.com

Civilians ...Finding Out

Shout out to Tiggers album art! xoxox


Blogger Tigger said...

Sin...uh,...honey, did you leave that nitrous tank on in the background while you were doing that last review? Or is uncontrollable laughter an after effect of too much sex talk for you? Whatever you were on...give me some!

Jake...Fantastic Voyage should have been as interesting as your current pod-drama. You do need some good intro music. How about the intro music to every Looney Toons cartoon. You could end it with Porky's famous line, "Thhhhat All Folks" Tiptoe Through The Tulips" is also kinda fun.

Well, what a show....the whipping duo...very hot I must say. I was getting a little stiff in the old levis from that clip. Was it the whipping sounds or thoughts of Bob sex talk on Gizmo last night, Pizza? Zilla...you are a bitch! Have I no privacy! Sigh. Wasn't there a Gizmo Confidentiality Clause Agreement for talking in conference rooms? Now I know who my real friends are? I was your number one groupie, DAMN IT! You'll never find another like me....NEVER!...DAMN IT!!

...But I'll forgive you. That's just how noble and kind hearted I am.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Sinz Chart said...

Uhhhh, well Tigger the truth is... I was talking to Pizza... I done somethings and backed out on sending them to her.. and she was bitchin at me I got tickled at her.. she told me to do a review and send it to her... meaning I couldnt get a "normal" review out... I was laughin so hard by the time I done it... I couldn't help it... now I am forbidden to do the "normal" review coz see sometimes I be talkin about sumfin and outta da blue I talk about sumfin else which leads to sumfin else then it goes on n on like the engerizer bunny... coz I have this problem trying to stay focused.. and like right now I aint got a fuckin clue what the hell I am talkin about but that is okay too... Coz no one really listens to what I say... but then again.. Pizza says, "Now Sin, DONT THINK!" so I am forbidden to think... You know I want some sliced dill pickles, shredded cheese, and tomatoes... okay anyway... uh yeah I forgot what I was saying... anyway... it is like this... what Ya heard on dat podcast is pretty much how I am all the time... and I still wanna know about ET's Cock damnit!!!! DOES IT LIGHT UP IF YOU SUCK HIS COCK!

Pizza omg do You realize it is 3 am?!?! Of course You dont Your sleeping... hahahhaha! I more than likely wont be online until noon my time... I think I saw some dead grass grow today...oops nope that was a snail under the it.. shit.. I got so excited for nuttin... damn it all....but seeing how Your PodCast finally d/l I think I am gonna listen to it... WAIT! I cant think ummm yeah I gonna go hear what You have to say... *grins*


2:07 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

g'day pizza, show was good, i shall work on an intro once i get me hand cuffs off, bloody dog has stolen the key and burried it in the garden somewhere, any one know a good lock-smith??

u all be safe there in didgi-land, time to let a few sperm-troopers fly hahahahahhah woooooooosh

1:19 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Lmaooooo..Tiggerrrrr hahaha I love ya! Also thank you so much for the email today..its great! Sin...shhhh..hahaha damn thinker! Have fun wanking Jake :P!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Zillafag said...

Oh Tigger nothing is sacred and crap like it aint well know you have a schoolboy crush on Bob.
Anywhos I want some of the stuff Sin was on also and Pizza I look forward to doing that backender with you!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sins really slaughtered the review for the Sex is fun podcast. This is one of my favorites but I could barely trudge through her review. Oh, at btw, Sex is fun is found at www.greatsexgames.com/podcast not at www.greatsex.com/podcast as she said on the show.

4:14 PM  

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