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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Personal Pan Podcast #1..take 2

Try this...FFS !!!!! Sorry bout that all! Show notes below..


Blogger Tigger said...

I liked this very much Pizza. It is like a whole new level to PizzaBabe Global Consciousness. You are total dominatrix boss at work. I heard you working your employees. You are in control.

Maybe I can do a podcast from my work. You would be privileged to hear such as exciting sounds as:

1. Tracheal Suctioning (plenty of gurgling noises)
2. Cardiac Monitor Alarms (high pitched and ear splitting)
3. A never-ending symphony of IV bells and whistles
4. General patient moaning and bitching
5. The constant huff and puff of the patient's respirator
6. A cardiac arrest every once in a while to spice things up.

A fun time would be had by all....ICU Podcast.

Pizza.... are you now calling PizzaBabe podcasts---> Personal Pan Casts

(that's cute).

Love ya, Tigz .:.

10:57 PM  

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