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Monday, December 26, 2005

Fuk Im Tired...Toy Segment Is Back! 41

Show Notes:

Intro from Lil Demon and Bob

Welcome home from bowling Lump! I fake excitement...bowling sux..

Roller Dogs and Popcorn...fuk I sound tired..I am

I went toy shopping...woohooo

music.podshow.com (find all the music there)

Caramel G with Just Dance Part2

I need brakes..bad...lmao

Blog News...Mel...Vote for your favorite blog (I like no-undies.net)a plea to no-undies...Rachel...Eyes of Sumbission makes an appearance in 5...Mister E...Maj cheer up...Naked Chuck?? Sweet!!

ZillaFag Mother Fukkerssssssssssss (zillaradio.libsyn.com)

Jake the Holland Freak...spermtroppers are invading my cunt!!

Ariana with Play At Your Own Risk

WTF Happened to Boodrow Cuntrol?

Podcasting...kinda hard..Im lucky..Zilla is wiser than I

Sin will return Thursday..:)

TOY TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .... www.vibesadultgifts.com
-The Mini Bullet (Dawns Delight)
-The Purple Passion Vibrating Bumper (Doc Johnson)
-The Jelly Vibe (Jelly Caribbean) (8 fukking inches)
Woohooo he added Batteries!!! Im way happy with the new toys!! Im going back for moreeeee dammit!!

xoxoxo Podland


Madge..Have a nice ride

Natalie Brown with Let The Candle Burn


Blogger Tigger said...

More Jake!...or is it John, to fit your song.

Better watch out Pizzababe...I have a feeling Madge is going to try to steal Jake from you. She lifted part of your show today on Yeast Radio.

I don't know...just a hunch I have.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Tigger said...

Jake is kinda like Madge's Roger Smalls. It is good to have a psycho (yet, very creative) fan, such as Jake.

You go Jake! Enjoyed your macrophile fantasy of Pizzababe. I felt like it was Fantastic Voyage met John Waters.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Diesel Dike said...

You are so hot

6:17 PM  

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