Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Fuk Im Tired...Toy Segment Is Back! 41

Show Notes:

Intro from Lil Demon and Bob

Welcome home from bowling Lump! I fake excitement...bowling sux..

Roller Dogs and Popcorn...fuk I sound tired..I am

I went toy shopping...woohooo

music.podshow.com (find all the music there)

Caramel G with Just Dance Part2

I need brakes..bad...lmao

Blog News...Mel...Vote for your favorite blog (I like no-undies.net)a plea to no-undies...Rachel...Eyes of Sumbission makes an appearance in 5...Mister E...Maj cheer up...Naked Chuck?? Sweet!!

ZillaFag Mother Fukkerssssssssssss (zillaradio.libsyn.com)

Jake the Holland Freak...spermtroppers are invading my cunt!!

Ariana with Play At Your Own Risk

WTF Happened to Boodrow Cuntrol?

Podcasting...kinda hard..Im lucky..Zilla is wiser than I

Sin will return Thursday..:)

TOY TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .... www.vibesadultgifts.com
-The Mini Bullet (Dawns Delight)
-The Purple Passion Vibrating Bumper (Doc Johnson)
-The Jelly Vibe (Jelly Caribbean) (8 fukking inches)
Woohooo he added Batteries!!! Im way happy with the new toys!! Im going back for moreeeee dammit!!

xoxoxo Podland


Madge..Have a nice ride

Natalie Brown with Let The Candle Burn

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Holiday LoveFest ...PizzaBabe 40

Show Notes:

Intro from Madgeeeeeeeee (YeastRadio.com) and Bob

Holiday Greeting from the Kids

The house is getting smaller...

Lump smarts off..Holiday Greetings from him

All the music is again from the PodSafe Music Network .... music.podshow.com

Beatrice Ericsson (.com) with Christmas Without You

Holiday greeting from Bob

PizzaBabe moves to yet another server...lmao...Hi LibSyn Im Homeeeeeeeeee

Xmas Banter

Get Gizmo! Party Line RAWKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lmao

Holiday Greetings from Jeremy Jenkins....Whom I met with Tigger and Zilla on Gizmo

Holiday Greetings from da Zilla (zillaradio.libsyn.com)

Time for my love of Madge...seems as though she really loves me... (check it out from podcast411 ...errr thanks Rob)

Voice comment from Tiggerrrrrrrrr in LA!

Jill Parr (.com) with Do You Hear What I Hear (it fukken RAWKSSSSSSSSS)

Holiday Greetings from Big Phil and Clyde! (show some love to Phil at bigphil.libsyn.com)

Im so lost!

Holiday Greetings from the psycho in Holland Jakie Pooo (Merry Chrimbo)

Sin does an intro for CC at accidenthash.podshow.com (#95) Woohoo SIN!!!

Matthew Ebel (.com) with Walk a Thousand Miles

Is this a Rant or Not?? Thank you to my 360 friends!!

Sinsssssssssss love! I love you too baby!!! sinz-chart.blogspot.com (get on her frappr and tag board!!)

Enjoy your Xmas...Im full of loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

Podsafeforpeace.org (all proceeds go to UNICEF)

PodSafe For Peace with If Everyday Were Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"This Show Is Solo" Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa 39

Show Notes:

Intro from Madgeeeeeeee (Yeastradio.com) and Bob

Golden Shower= Madge

Fukking shopping...grrrr

More Podsafe Music Network Music....Oh CC!!!!!!!!!!!

Milton and The Devils Party (miltondevilsparty.com) with Have you been around?

I was a drunk loserrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fuk grown ups at xmas


Get on the Damn FRAPPR!!

Come back to PizzaBabe.com

Who is the elusive Evan Stone?

Tigerr thank you for making me wet!!

Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob...how do I breath without this guy??

Sex for an Xbox?

My trip to itunes....for Madge

borntorun30.blogspot.com (the born to run bruceeeeeeeee 30th anniversary podcast)

Mission 5 (www.mission5.net) with Baby

Cock! I need Cock!

Bob and me...Lump and me...Lump and Bob and Me

Poor Deb!

Blog news...Mister E ...Damn Eyes of Submission!...Spender...CC Chapman (Happy Birthday)...Dan...Sin (YA FREAK)...Magic Mike(Bron ...whatever)..Oopsy..Danni B

Sins Overview....How we got Sin and who She has reviewed!
Accidenthash.podshow.com Zillaradio.libsyn.com Boodrow Numbnutz

xoxoxox Podland

Clumsy (www.clumsy.info) with Sanctuary

Monday, December 12, 2005

RIAA Mother F@$ckers! PizzaBabe38

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Hi Bob...welcome back slut

Podsafe music network music again tonight! Its all SEAVE all night!!

Shine from Seave

Gary P Dilly from PodcastPickle.com!

I fuk everything up again!


Bob hits CNBC! I fucked a tv star!

Mother/Daughter sex? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

DJ Tripp....Gray Tuesday... americanedit.org...cease and desist

RIAA...who are they...who effects who...who what why where when...Good thing Bob understands this shit cuz I dont! (mentions of Adam...Roger)

Seave with SO COOL!

I like Seave!!! ALOT!!


Madge has more issues! I was on Madges Show!

Roger...A Stalker?

360 Blog news...Dammit Bob quit fukking shit up...damn Haters!..Maj...Vamp...Dan...Twitchy (ass fetish?)...Eyes ...fuk money...i want cock...this podcast sucks...blog news outro to make sins friends happy

Frappr..28 friends ...wooohooo...the huge Kentucky following

I blew it with the chics dammit

SHITTTTTTTTTT running longggggggggg

Sins review of Big Phils Love Parade... bigphil.libsyn.com
Dont forget zillaradio.libsyn.com oagpodcast.com boodrow

Sins damn dial up!


Our Song...its perfecttttttttttttt
Dont Regret...from SEAVE CHECK EM OUT at the podsafe music network...music.podshow.com

See Ya!

Monday, December 05, 2005

We Are A Couple Of....Something! PizzaBabe37

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Hey Bob's on the show!

Pizza is the true Geek in this relationship!

Needy ass Bob!!!

All music from the PodSafe Music Network!!!

Soul Basement with " L.O.V.E."

Nate and Di...from NateandDi.com

Pizza loves WOMEN!!!!!

What can I do for you Bob? (in my best New Jersey accent!)

Briefs...boxers...boxer briefs


Podsafe Music Network RAWKS! music.podshow.com

Pizza Needs A Damn Server...Maybe?

Onwards to our real fake discussion! Couple...communication...faking it...Pure Vizhun what women really mean! (Fine...5 Mins...Whatever...etc)

Bobs pissing me off dammit! Freakin men!

Lmao...issues...Mooooooooooooooooooo...Bobs Tribute to Madge

Time for fukking music... Anyone know how to record skype without an echo?

Arianna Stewart..."He wants to be with me"

I promise a blowjob...even if Im insane

Blog News...I get lost alot here..sigh..Boodrow ...Spender...Ali..Mean Mommie...Punishment...Cameo's wipes...Sail...Sail vs Bob (good vs evil)...Fuk no punishment..Eyes of Submission...Sin Sin SIn!...Bob makes an offer I cunt refuse..

He Said She Said Podcast...http://hesaidshesaidpodcast.com/
John "Colts" and Jodie "Packers" Have a great podcast...check it out!

The Manning Bros...Brett Favre is still the man DAMMIT!

Sin's Review! of He Said She SAid podcast show 26
oagpodcast.com ... ourmedia.com(boodrow)... accidenthash.podshow.com
Thank you Sin!

FRAPPR...Sign up at pizzababe.com! Please post boobie pics! :)

BOB NAKED! Oh shit! Cock on mic..flustered...Ekkkk...omg...Whew!

MTG Caramel G with " Feeling Freaky"

Wait one more thing at the end...