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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time To Lick Some Ass!

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Ekkk the flu

Plug from CC Chapman from AccidentHash.com

Interview with Laura Chapman...CC's wife gives us the low down


Fosco and Jack from the KickassPodcast.com ....Make em grunt!

Micheal Butler from The Rock And Rock Geek (.com) got podsafe music network some kickass music!

Blackalicious with the song Powers off the Epitaph label on the podsafe music network!

Gary "P Dilly" from the PodcastPickle.com podcast directory! PizzaBabe gets featured!

Pizza Blunt?

Dawn from DawnandDrew.com and Rin "moongirl" from the invincibles.com (Dawn throws Madge in the pool...yeasty!)

Big Mike from the ExtraSuperActionShow.com (sooooo adorable)

DJ COA...Slowmoe with Down on your knees from the podsafe music network!

Nate and Di promo from the Nate and Di Show

More Madge talk...

Soccergirl boobies rawk!

Libsyn guys Dave and Marty!

Purecastmedia has gone down!

Woohoo to Podshow and Libsyn

Podshow booby pizza promo

More...MADGE!...the in and out night(find Madge at yeastradio.com)

Promo from Paul at Barefootradio.com

Mmmmm Naked fest!!

Dont forget Cum Fest! pizzababe@gmail.com

Damn Train!

Brother Love and Soccergirl sitting in a tree...lmao

Brother Love with my favorite SummerTime off the podsafe music network!


Blogger Tigger said...

Watching the events of Saturday night on Yeast Radio was hillarious! I never laughed so hard in my life. In-N-Out Burger scene was sooooo funny! You were great Pizzababe!

Two other "very Madge" style queercasts are:

1. Fox & The City (http://foxinthecity.libsyn.com/)
2. Eat Bird (http://eatbird.libsyn.com/)

The last Eat Bird episode, Rachel Kann (who you met at the expo) talks about her first impressions of you. I knew, after I heard Rachel talk about you, and then the videos on Yeast Radio...I had to find your podcast.

I'm glad I did. Loving your shows.

6:57 PM  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Hi Tigger!

I had so much fun that Saturday night...lol. Thanks for all the love..Im not used to people commenting on this site..hahaha! Well..theres my ghetto tag board of love..lol. I actually listened to Ragans podcast a long time ago (my comments may still even be there). Mike Hipp had reviewed my first podcast (we meet through yahoo 360) and suggested Ragan. I almost pissed myself..Ragan does rock..I think I even talked to Ragan that Saturday night!! I hope I can hunt down Madge for another outing sometime...but she has such a busy cunt it maybe hard!!

11:41 PM  

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