Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bi Whore Slut PizzaBabe Blubbercunt Is Up

Show Notes:

Intro from Lil Demon and Bob

BlubberCunt PizzaBabe...Madge...Yeastradio.com

Hunting Rednecks...


Whispering Pearls...Michelle...the Cock podcast woohoooo

From the PSMN Heres Stepford Wives with "My Backs Aching, My Bras too Tight!"

The Podshow Music Hosts...Shitting??

Shopping after Thanksgiving...sigh

Blog News...New 360 Features... Boodrow (ourmedia.org)...Fukking CNN and Yahoo News Feeds.....Eyes Of Submission...Her Suziness...Mrs Speed...Jake...Mister E...Diamond...More Madge (GO TO YEASTRADIO.COM !)...Sail... Roger Smalls

PSMN .22 with Word or 2 (For Bob)

ZillaFag Love...TY Hun!

I talk about ZillaFag...Labels..Tags...Bob fucks me up with his love..lmao

Sins Review of ZillaFag zillradio.libsyn.com (go there!)
Gay Marriage and Farting?? Wooohooo
Check out Boodrow and oagpodcast.com!

RINNNNNNNNNNNNNN! New episode of The Invincibles is out!! Check out the sexy chic..and remind her about my MAGNET!! Hahaha www.theinvincibles.org Im A FOODIE Now!!

LAURA!!! Come back to me!!! CC...I need ur wife!!

Bye podland xoxoxo

PSMN... Last Page First with Your Eyes

PSMN is the Podshow Music Network... music.podshow.com ! Go Show YOur Support!

Monday, November 21, 2005

FFS Its A Podcast...35 Is Up

Show notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

"We Dont Need No Stinkin Transmitters!" Craig Patchett (godcast.org)

Enough takes..lets do it

From the Podsafe Music Network...Drioux Galvan with SuperEgo (for the stank)

Yahoo conferencing in Bob...Madge talk..can I ever shut up about her??? ..Bob cybers while talking to me...idle threats... CC Chapman the hater!!!...Watch out Patricia Pie Mmmmm...No yip yip dogs!...Madge my new money slave?...xoxo ty Bob

From the Podsafe Music Network... Julias Window with Drama Queen

Ok...Time for another Cum entry...Pizza picks it apart..a lil play by play! Thank you Boodrow!!

Sins Review this week is Boodrow Control found at Ourmedia.org search Boodrow
Dont forget accidenthash.podshow.com and oagpodcast.com !
Lil Demon makes a podcast for pizza!!! (Sins son is a cutie!!)

Yahoo news...Sins art..Hi to all(Sail..Twitchy..Mel)..Hey Mr E!..grab Vamp on 360

Shout out to Tigger!! xoxox

From the Podsafe Music Network Raym Barrett with My Eyes

xoxoxo PodLand

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time To Lick Some Ass!

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Ekkk the flu

Plug from CC Chapman from AccidentHash.com

Interview with Laura Chapman...CC's wife gives us the low down


Fosco and Jack from the KickassPodcast.com ....Make em grunt!

Micheal Butler from The Rock And Rock Geek (.com) got podsafe music network some kickass music!

Blackalicious with the song Powers off the Epitaph label on the podsafe music network!

Gary "P Dilly" from the PodcastPickle.com podcast directory! PizzaBabe gets featured!

Pizza Blunt?

Dawn from DawnandDrew.com and Rin "moongirl" from the invincibles.com (Dawn throws Madge in the pool...yeasty!)

Big Mike from the ExtraSuperActionShow.com (sooooo adorable)

DJ COA...Slowmoe with Down on your knees from the podsafe music network!

Nate and Di promo from the Nate and Di Show

More Madge talk...

Soccergirl boobies rawk!

Libsyn guys Dave and Marty!

Purecastmedia has gone down!

Woohoo to Podshow and Libsyn

Podshow booby pizza promo

More...MADGE!...the in and out night(find Madge at yeastradio.com)

Promo from Paul at Barefootradio.com

Mmmmm Naked fest!!

Dont forget Cum Fest! pizzababe@gmail.com

Damn Train!

Brother Love and Soccergirl sitting in a tree...lmao

Brother Love with my favorite SummerTime off the podsafe music network!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The PodCast Expo Meets PizzaBabe ...

Ok folks...Here we go! This is a special podcast Bob and I did from bed late Saturday night in Cali. This one will give you and overview of alot of what happened...but theres much more to come! I havent even heard this before Im posting it..too excited to get things rolling..just realize this..we did this after drinking for hours and after I flogged Adam Currys butt and went in and out wild with Madge!
xoxoxo podland!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Another Shot Bartender! PizzaBabe 32

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Not so good news...sigh

But there is a good side to this....

Nothing but Podsafe Music tonight from the Podsafe Music Network!!

Its Brother Love Night!!! Visit him at brotherloverocks.com

"Summertime" from Brother Love

I love musicccccccccccc!

Pizza ponders new ideas...

Podcasts as normal...well..maybe better than normal!

WTF wheres my contest entries!!! PodProducer!! pizzababe@gmail.com

"There She Goes" from Brother Love

Ok...I need some Shot ideas!!

Blog news...Sin...Sail...Deb...Vamp...5 Questions Guy...Boodrow Control...Danni does Egg Party...Mr Speed "Be Like Sin"... check out Yahoo Podcasting Directory!!
Update on Sweetness Follows..Naked Sundays!!
Submissive Reflections... submissivereflections.blogspot.com

Sins Review!! She review attackofthegeek.com
Dont forget to check out oagpodcast.com accidenthash.podshow.com

bye podland xoxoxox

"Push" from Brother Love brotherloverocks.com !!!