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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sins Review Is Here...and Much Mo!

Show Notes:

Intro from Tony and Bob

Free is good...

From da Tripp....Xlover with Darling Nikki

Ekkk My Birthday is Thursday

Lump comes through..Pizza has a new toy! I-River T-30 series (pizzababe is cheap as hell)

Bruceeeeeeeeee...awesome concert!

Non stop flight to get my ass beat..errr I mean the Podcasting Conference

Yahoo Chat...lmao...MBL 5....some yahoo chic...umm yeah...

Pizzas Posse?? A podcasters group from 360..hmmm

Lump...his woman is in Vegas..poor lump

Mashup...Deloren?...Theres No Other Pussy

Help...Need foot slave!

360 and Blog news...Good Luck Mike!! ... Roger Smalls.. No-undies.net.. woohoo 360 themes

Its time for Sinnnnnnn....Thank you Bob and Sin!!

sinz-chart.tripod.com Go there for the written review!
accidenthash.podshow.com This is her review..CC Chapman..Check him out!!!
Dont forget the numbnutsradio.blogspot.com crew and oagpodcast.com!!

Thanks for the love people!!

Mashup...Cheekyboy...Qtips Perogative!


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