Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How do you..turn on a man?

Does this turn a guy on? Or better yet a chic?
Heh..who knows!

Intro from Tony and Bob

Suggestions on what to podcast about

I stole Tripp mashups :)

Mash up...from ummm DJ Tripp...Tipysy In It

OAG Podcast Promo thingy...Listen to Oagpodcast.com


Sin Does POdcast reviews!!! sinz-chart.tripod.com Check it out!! Check out Podcast Pickle and vote for PizzaBabe!!

The Slave Registry?? WTF IM sooooooo there... 651-588-534 or 8675309...hmmm

Pizza Intimidated...

....Sweetness Follows is back!! no-undies.net/index.php (HOT PICS ALERT!!)

Blog news....blog of the week Danni on 360...her "ass" needs love too..hahaha

Mashup from DJ Tripp... Seven CECE Army

Madisons Craigslist....lmao...ads so rock..amusement!

How to turn on your man....

Shout outs...(send in your best cum stories!!)

Mash up...DJ Tripp...Micheals Wonder Wall...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Online Romance Is Better Than Yours! PB26

Ok...Its time for another podcast with Bob!!!!! Yay! As you can see its all about what we are so good at...lmfao..online romances!

Intro from Tony and Bob

PizzaBabe and BOB go global!:)

We are heading to Cali...Woohoo to the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference!

Tripp needs to learn sharing!! :)

Mashup...all night its all DJ Tripp! Sooo this is called "Hella Good Bass"
(Dedicated to Mike at Attackofthegeek.com) (Damn men and those blondes)

Roger Smalls sending the love!

Fuk we babble alot

Blog news...Thanks for the sweet comments on Blogger...Oopsys Pizza Feed..Sin shows the love..Sail's Penguin...Bored ass Bob...Her Suziness...Bob picks some bones...and then it begins...

Numb Nuts love..lmao I love you guys *kisssssssssssssss* numbnutsradio.blogspot.com
Please check em out everyone...they do rock..and I do love em!

Danni and Amanda RAWK!

Mashup time...Tripp with "Spin Me Harder"

Ok..Finally on topic...Online Romance..kinda...maybe ...shit.

Too much porn...never

The do's and don'ts of online romances

Dont do whatever we do dammit..lol

Guys want tits and they want to cum.

We are insane...hope you enjoyed!(BTW He said he loved me again Ha! It must be real..lmao)

Shout outs..to all the love bunnys!

Mash up Tripp with "JUmp In Someone Elses Freak"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Slutty Pizza? Ha! Yessssssssssss

Howdy all...another naughty night in Pizza Land :)! Enjoy!


Intro Tony and Bob

Woohooo Porn all day and all night!

Mash up from DJ Pheugoo Salt and Pepper are no horny sluts!

Slut talk! The listeners chime in from 360. (get on yahoo 360 if your not already...it is my other home!)

Fukkinggggggg Lump...Sigh...poor pizza!

DJ Tripp love and his mashup Madonna vs Nirvana vs BLIM vs U2

Quick grab your clothes pins!

New pics...check out pizzababe on flickr!

Blog news....Happy Birthday Mr E!

Cock Sucking!!

All flustered now..ekkk...ok...hot...wrap up..whats ahead

Mashup DJ Pheugoo La Naughty Femme...wait...is that Pizza in there cumming..why yes it is :)!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nothing But Us Sinners Here...PB 24

Howdy folks! Its time again for da Pizza Cast! Just so you know..I finally purchased a domain name and you can now hit me from pizzababe.com!! Heres the notes...

Intro from Tony and Bob

Blah blah...I babble too much

Mashup from Team9...The Cure vs Ashanti

A promo from CunningMinx who does "Polyamory Weekly" podcast..CHECK HER OUT!

Shout Outs to Minx and GrayDancer from "The Rope Weekly" podcast at www.graydancer.com/ropeweekly

Please also check out GrayDancers site for the Rope Weekly Blood Drive (get your free rope!!)

360 Blog news..Hot blog..Her Suziness..woohoo

Mashup by DunProofin with Nerver Win (got to have your love)

Numb Nuts Promo!!! Visit them at Numbnutsradio.blogspot.com

Those Fukkers at Numb Nuts try to steal my woman!!!

I interview my number one fan Sin!!!

Please check out Bob at oagpodcast.blogspot.com Magic Mike and his soon to be podcast at attackofthegeek.com And even the numbnutsradio crew at numbnutsradio.blogspot.com

Lump gets a chic!!

Check out da Tripps new VIDEO Mashup...bass211.com

Time to perv Bob...bye Podland

Last mashup from DJ Erb...White strips-d12 seven nation army vs my band