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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Straight From The Couch...Lump Lives PB 21

Howdy all! Its true ..its true...he makes it to the podcast! Thats right the lump does podcasting now! Heres the notes!!

Intro from Tony and Bob

Woohoo Lump In Da House

Mashup from DJ Tripp...straight from bootie 2005 Benny Got Back
(ty Tripp it rawked!)

Lump and I discuss Corn Fest and life with only 2 kids...

The big question

OAGpodcast.blogspot.com cross promo

How about deem Packers..hahah

Madden 06?

Mashup from DJ Earworm....Dont Cha

Wtf do we say now...oh yeah blog news
Her Suziness...

Lotsa shout outs to many new podcasts and hopefulls
Big Phil coming soon! Cross promos and links...I need more!!!

Wrap up and bye to podland xoxoxo

Mashup from someone..lmao.. Linkin park vs Disturbed


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