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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Touch Myself..When I Can...PB 23

Howdy folks...time for some mo pleasure!


Intro from Tony and Bob

Howdy...pleasure talk...podsafe music

From garageband.com Charles Simmons with State Of Mind (Yummyyyyyyyy)

Turn down the lights...relax...err maybe not..lmao

Fukkin Train...damn mic filter that doesnt filter crap!

Da Brain


360 Blog news...Magic Mike is Podcasting!! (who might be ATOG on the message board HAHA) Sin baby..Happy Bday Java..Speedy Perv..Tony *kiss*...Jug Liquor..Becky da Artist..

Fukking Lump...

DJ COA from the podsafe music network...Stephanie Renee with Pleasure Seekers..if I could get that out..
(damn I need Bob)

Blog of the Week...Eyesofsubmission on 360

Talk about her blog and our mutual thoughts on self pleasure...

(BTW Thats The Godfather lumps watching...sigh)

Catching Lump masturbating..lmao

Man juice?

Find a way to love your body!!

Pizza whores the podcast..Tag Board ROCKS!

Check out the podcasts from:
GrayDancers podcast The Rope Weekly(link to the right)
Cunningminx podcast Polamory Weekly(link to the right)

DJ COA from the podsafe music network..Slowmo Has Arrived

xoxox podland


Blogger AttackOfTheGeek said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:01 AM  
Blogger AttackOfTheGeek said...

AttackOfTheGeek said...

yes that would be me! still trying to get the feeds workn to my podcast! didn't know it would be so much work..
5 days till launch

7:03 AM  

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