Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Touch Myself..When I Can...PB 23

Howdy folks...time for some mo pleasure!


Intro from Tony and Bob

Howdy...pleasure talk...podsafe music

From garageband.com Charles Simmons with State Of Mind (Yummyyyyyyyy)

Turn down the lights...relax...err maybe not..lmao

Fukkin Train...damn mic filter that doesnt filter crap!

Da Brain


360 Blog news...Magic Mike is Podcasting!! (who might be ATOG on the message board HAHA) Sin baby..Happy Bday Java..Speedy Perv..Tony *kiss*...Jug Liquor..Becky da Artist..

Fukking Lump...

DJ COA from the podsafe music network...Stephanie Renee with Pleasure Seekers..if I could get that out..
(damn I need Bob)

Blog of the Week...Eyesofsubmission on 360

Talk about her blog and our mutual thoughts on self pleasure...

(BTW Thats The Godfather lumps watching...sigh)

Catching Lump masturbating..lmao

Man juice?

Find a way to love your body!!

Pizza whores the podcast..Tag Board ROCKS!

Check out the podcasts from:
GrayDancers podcast The Rope Weekly(link to the right)
Cunningminx podcast Polamory Weekly(link to the right)

DJ COA from the podsafe music network..Slowmo Has Arrived

xoxox podland

A Special Note...Please Listen

This is a short Podcast about Hurricane Katrina and its victims. Please ..anything you can give to help these people out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...


My Suggested Links :
These are only two suggestions..Im sure there are many more places.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Roger Smalls Does PizzaBabe!!!

Here we are folks..on a new server and ready to roll! Thanks to www.Libsyn.com for all there help. I will let you all know how it works after I know!

Show Notes:

Intro by Tony and Bob

PizzaBabe cant count much higher than 22...

I stalk Roger Smalls :)

Mashup...King of Pants with the Cure vs Ying Yang Twins

Sh*t..wax everywhere

Lump...errr Brian shout out...and Bob cummmmmmm Back!!!

Shout out to my inspirations... www.dawnanddrew.com

Roger Smalls Interview!!!!
Roger shoved a doll up his ass????Hahahaha

Im flustered...music time

Mashup aggro1 with Led Zeplin vs Kelly Clarkson

New Podcasters.... www.numbnutsradio.com (damn Boodrow!)
www.eggradio.com ....please join up so I can see Shini Nakked!

Blog news....Sin...Suzi....D.R....Kat...and blog of the week is Andi!! HOT!!!!!

I babble alot

bye podland xoxoox

Long ass mashup...D.J Empty Hifi..How_We_Got_50_Inch_Nails_Right

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Straight From The Couch...Lump Lives PB 21

Howdy all! Its true ..its true...he makes it to the podcast! Thats right the lump does podcasting now! Heres the notes!!

Intro from Tony and Bob

Woohoo Lump In Da House

Mashup from DJ Tripp...straight from bootie 2005 Benny Got Back
(ty Tripp it rawked!)

Lump and I discuss Corn Fest and life with only 2 kids...

The big question

OAGpodcast.blogspot.com cross promo

How about deem Packers..hahah

Madden 06?

Mashup from DJ Earworm....Dont Cha

Wtf do we say now...oh yeah blog news
Her Suziness...

Lotsa shout outs to many new podcasts and hopefulls
Big Phil coming soon! Cross promos and links...I need more!!!

Wrap up and bye to podland xoxoxo

Mashup from someone..lmao.. Linkin park vs Disturbed

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Different Strokes For Different Folks...

Hi all! This is a more personal podcast about me. My beliefs..some ranting..some tunes..my kids..me. I hope you enjoy.

Intro Tony and Bob

Howdy all

Sweet Dreams mashup from DJ Erb

My kids chime in about familys and love

My thoughs on gay marriage...love...where society is headed

Sister mashup by DJ Erb

More ranting..this time about blog content

Mash up Crazy in Da club..by someone

Wrap up and a Kiss for Bob..Happy A Babe

A shout out to Numb Nutz Radio...I will put there think to the right

Bye podland

The Matt White Band with Too Many Lovers

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Naughty Pizza

Its naughty...no notes...just enjoy! *kiss*

Thursday, August 04, 2005

These Are The Toys In Your Neighborhood....

Howdy all...today is Ho Made Toy Love. Bob shows us some love and records the podcast for me again...*kissssssssssssssss* Bob!!


Intro...Errr are we really here?

Sins Back...woohoo

Cruise Box with the song On A Podcast (explicit version) From the Podsafe Music Network!!!

Pizza tries to talk...Bob takes over the podcast

Blog news...360 rss feeds..sins back...Huggs for Her Suziness..Hi Mister E.
From Blogger RogerSmalls.blogspot.com and www.no-undies.net who provide us with a wonderful sex audioclip...go to there webpage and download the full clip!!!

Shout outs to the guys at Prime Time Lube Express and da guys at www.eggradio.com

D.J. Tripp.....Perpetually Wrong...Shout outs to him too at www.bass211.com and Bootie S.F at www.bootiesf.com

Pizzas damn horny...Toy Time!!! Ho-Made sex toys!!!

Pizza beggs Bob for sex...please BOBBBBBBBBBBBBB...oh yeah and a plug for oagpodcast.blogspot.com :)

Oh Shit another long podcast...xoxox podland

Pheugoo with the mash up I Want A Candy Shop

Enjoyyyyyy and I am looking forward to having Sin and Roger Smalls on the show soon!!!


This is me.

Monday, August 01, 2005

PizzaBabe 17 Back From Vacation!!

Honeyyyyyyyy Im Homeeeeeeee! Hi all Im finally back in action from my wonderful camping trip...lmao. WE Have PODSAFE MUSIC in this show!! Woohoo! The next show will have Master and I doing our toy segment plus a special segment from a blogging couple who are just soooooooo yummy! So stay tuned the next episode will be up by Friday morning if all goes well!

Show notes:

Intro by ass virgin and Master

Honey Im Home

New music...podsafe from Podshow Podsafe Music Network at http//music.podshow.com or you can click it on the right hand side here

Brother Love with the song Summer Time

Vacation summary...Heat...Rain...Ass fucking..mini golf

Manda and the Marbles with the song Say Anything

More vacation stuff

Blog news..Yahoo 360 Summary..."...Where is Magic Mike"

Chrissy with the song I Took Your Boyfriend

New blogs to watch... submissivereflections.blogspot.com also on the right hand side
and curiouspussy.blogspot.com

Insane children around..time to wrap things up...hehehe

Blackout Pilot with the song Still Healing

A BIGGGGGG Thank you to Podshow Podsafe Music and all the artists who are letting us use your kick ass music~!