Welcome to the home of the PizzaBabe. She is the mom of three, married, loves music and sex. He is her Master. Together you get their little show with lotsa indie music, wonderful guests, the playas and some great babbling too!.You must be over 18 to listen to these podcasts!!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pizza Break!

Hi All! Im headin out on vacation for the next week and wont be recording anymore until after I return and sort through a couple things. Thank you so much for listening! Make sure to enjoy your summer and listen to alot of podcasts!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pizza Babe 16..Kickin It Alone!

Ok...I think we fixed all the sound issues..YEAH! Sorry about the last one..tonight I am kicking it by myself. We do a few mash ups and I babble..go figure.


Apologies for all my fuk ups

Mash up...ChurchHill...Hear Missy Work It

Family vacation time..camping and blow jobs by the fire

"Blog News"...we add in more than just 360 news

The Dirty Lil Smut Corner...DR reads "Your Treat"...TY DR!!

Mash Up....DJ Tripp...Tipsy In It

Pizzas soap box about BDSM..Life...Whatever

Next episode Bob and the toy segment

Podland xoxoxo

Mash up...C.H.A.O.S productions...Adam Cures Will

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Echo Love With The PizzaBabe 15

Woohoo it is Bob and myself once again!! The dynamic duo put out another podcast full of bantering and even a mind fuck!Heres some show notes for ya:

Banter back and forth..Bob produces the podcast again

Mash up...Now that we found music...Futuro

Lump and family life here at home

Yahoo 360 news...hmmmm maybe there are a few freaks out there!

Bob echos...pizza gets wet!!

mash up....blue rascal...blo_up

toy segment...ballgag..errr no..doesnt work..maybe a mind fuck!

mash up....Muscle cars...Freeform Five Rem

xoxoxox podland!

*grrrrrrrrr ok sorry guys...did the podcast cut off for anyone else??? I know the music is overmodulated...sorryyyyyyyy!!Ok...crap..ummm..lmao..welcome to my world!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Exclusive D.J. Tripp Mash Ups Here On PizzaBabe14

Sweetttttttttttttt! The whole show is about music..D.J. Tripps music that is. He gave us 2 exclusive mash ups to use and listen here first. I think he will be putting them up on his site so you can go grab them. But dont listen to me in the podcast..I said his site wrong..either follow his link at the right or go to www.bass211.com. Sorry Tripp! We also do some 360 news and I add in my 2 cents on a Tripp original. Make sure to let him know how kickass they are and thanks for listening! Next episode will include more toy loveeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Holy Crap PizzaBabe 13 FInally Is Up!!

Hi all!!!!!!!!! So sorry for the delay in this episode..I started wondering if 13 was cursed!Its a bit long..lol. I had to have Da Geek record it for me until I figure out my podcasting issues...Thank you baby *kiss*. But its up!Heres my notes..
I decide we arent doing toys but the whole freakin podcast together..haha

We babble..alot.

I found a D.J.!!! D.J Tripp!! Woohoooooo. Im more excited than I can believe!

We play a mix he sent me by XLover

Yahoo 360 news...shout outs to fans

Homemade sex toys?? I think we can do better..the site is http://www.homemade-sex-toys.com/bubble-wrap.html

Another mash up..enigma vs U2

Toy segment...Bondage...duct tape vs rope..and other things

Shit we realize how long this podcast has gone...xoxox podland

Friday, July 08, 2005


Sorry all..some technical issues..next podcast should be up by tomorrow!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Babbling Pie Episode 12 Is UP!!

Ok..tonight I babble on my own. No segments from others...Just me..ekkk..lol. I go through the holiday bullshit..two new kickass mash ups...Yahoo 360 news...ass virgin shows some cock...sweet! I put out a plea to others freaks to join the podcast...and please do...suggestions...requests..you want to come on..have your own segment?? Email me at pizzababe@gmail.com or Skype me at mssybrr!!! If not Im going to be forced to do the ballgag as my next toy segment..think about it..lmao. Well I will try to put another one together tomorrow...thanks for listening to my babble tonight..I needed it!